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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Economic Terrorism Against Russia Intensifies

Posted by : Bruce Krasting

The Russian ruble fell a further 7% Monday. What is the “reason” cited in the Corporate media for this latest, further plunge in its “value” (i.e. exchange rate)? An “economic report” which shows that Russia’s economy is shrinking.

Economic terrorism: destroying nations (economically) with illegal market-rigging on a scale never before witnessed.

While a plunge in oil prices supposedly “devastated” Russia’s economy; in the U.S. – land of the mythological shale-oil “boom” – it claimed to have experienced its largest quarter of “economic growth” in 12 years.

Meanwhile, a comparison of the economic fundamentals of Russia and the U.S. make the existence of this economic terrorism crystal-clear. As recently noted by Simon Black; Russia’s financial system is ten times as strong as that of the U.S. (in terms of the reserve ratios of its banks). Furthermore, its national interest rate is at 17%, while the (ultra-fraudulent) U.S. interest rate is permanently frozen at 0%.

In any rational/legitimate world; the exchange rate of the two nation’s currencies would be precisely reversed. Indeed, as regular readers are already well aware; the U.S. government has already hyperinflated its own currency.

In a global financial system ruled by a cabal of psychopathic currency-manipulators every “currency crisis” experienced by a sovereign government today has been manufactured in its entirety.

We’re not seeing “a currency crisis” in Russia’s economy. Rather, we are witnessing the most-extreme manifestation of economic terrorism yet perpetrated. The damage to Russia’s economy is undeniable.

This attack has caused Russia and China to forge even closer political and economic ties. China has essentially offered to back-stop Russia’s economy, (with its large war-chest of U.S. dollar instruments).

Once a community (in this case the international community) sees someone stand up to the resident Bully – successfully – not only does it embolden other members of that community, it brings them together. United we stand. Divided we fall. Today, we are all “Russians”.

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