Anarchist could shut down the 2016 presidential elections

By Christopher Rice
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Do you want 4 more years of over-crowded congested roads? Under-funded failing infrastructure? Gang violence, tons of drugs coming over our open borders, drugs sold on every campus, a public school system with a curriculum that prepares kids for nothing, out-of-date, over-crowded class rooms, rising tuition rates? Long waits at hospital emergency rooms, under-staffed hospitals, rampant disease, HMOs, high taxes, soaring gas prices, huge trade deficits, crippling national debt, pedophiles living next door to you? Because what ever problem we look at, neither party, not the Republicans nor the Democrats have any solutions. They both promise change, and than pursue the same failed policies of the last 50 years, because politicians will promise anything to get elected.

A Great Threat To Our Existence:

Remember when politicians did their jobs? They built roads, dams, airports, schools, hospitals? Probably not, because that was a long, long time ago- Walter Reed General Hospital was built in 1909 and is still used as a VA hospital today. Todays Republican and Democratic parties have not built new modern state-of-the-art hospitals, roads or schools. They made school year-round and we've all seen the tragic consequences of over-crowded, out-of-date schools.

The Republican and Democratic parties have become a great threat to our existence from our lack of food inspectors, air-traffic controllers, border agents, so on and so on. Our Farm bill of the last 50 years promotes/contributes to obesity, diabetes, some cancers, heart-attacks and strokes- our nations deadliest killers.

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And all candidates have promised to continue the same failed policies. And predictably we will have four more years of the status-quo, four more years of business-as usual, four more years of deterring congested roads and under-staffed hospitals and over-crowded ERs and out-of-control medical cost. Four more years of the same failed policies, four more years of rampant corruption.

Politicians Are Bleeding This Country Dry Of Its Jobs, Resources and national treasury...

In 1980 the U.S. was the largest creditor in the world. By 1985 the U.S. became a debtor nation; by 1986, the worlds largest debtor. Now the debt is over 9 trillion dollars. 9 trillion dollars transferred in 20 years from the worlds most richest & powerful country in the world, there's nothing comparable to that in history. It is a form of economic destruction that has no parallel  in all the history of mankind. The debt is so staggering it is making us vulnerable in ways we've never had to face.

Yet We Continue To Vote...

There are special interest groups in the U.S., as elsewhere, that will do whatever it takes to secure their wealth and power, whatever the human cost and they will succeed if they are not opposed by an informed and committed public.

War On The Middle Class...

In 2004 1.56 million people filed for bankruptcy 92%  were middle income families. Personal bankruptcies reached a new high of more than million in 2005. Members both political parties (Sen. John Edwards included) helped banks re-write our bankruptcy laws robbing consumers of any protections, while allowing banks to charge 30% or more in interest.

A Dog And Pony Show...

The Republican and Democratic candidates have laid out their positions and they are the same failed policies of the last 50 years. Our roads, schools, airports, nursing homes, dams, bridges, budgets and borders cannot survive another four years of the Republican and Democratic parties. We  need real change, the kind of change, that can only happen through new parties that offer real choices.

We shouldn't have to fight City Hall or the federal government just for a school crossing guard or medical procedure or for border security or natural disaster relief. Government should work for you, not against you.

Politicians want to divide voters by issues like abortion, war/defense, gun control, race, class, sex. They seek the woman's vote, the Hispanic vote.

Politicians are constantly trying to divide us, make us compete over scarce jobs and government crumbs. As long as we remain divided we are held in check, we are held back and cannot move forward, which is where we find ourselves today.

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The Republican and Democratic parties have little to point to in the ways of achievement. They sustain themselves primarily with partisan rancor and by titillating their ideological bases with wedge issues, being beholden to corporate & special interest, trying to cloak their contempt for the popular will and the public good, and bereft of a vision for our nation's future- looking only to their next elections.

What Government Could Do...

There are better ways to treat crime, disease and education. One of those ways is prevention, in a democracy we should be able to choose how the government treats these issues because wouldn't you rather prevent crime, disease and drop-outs rather than treat the consequences- especially when every dollar spent towards prevention saves us eight dollars in the state/federal budget?

How Does Prevention Work?

It's simple, after being attacked at least twice (U.S.S. Cole/African Embassies) by the same terrorist group we should've had air-police on every U.S. flight and beefed up airport/national security before 9/11. We should clear dead brush and plants every year in California before fire season, but we don't.
Mental health patients need care before they end up in jail or worse. Anyone that says taxes need to be raised is wrong because as previously mentioned prevention saves us money. It is cheaper to send kids to college for four years than what it cost to send someone to prison for 25 to life.

Blood pressure test, breast exams, blood test, etc. are cheaper then an ER visit for cardiac arrest or stroke, not to mention physical therapy, wheelchairs, walkers, or worse. So because of our lack of prevention we actually are all paying too much in taxes!

We have marched, protested, and voted. Yet somehow, our elected officials do not listen.

Police, politicians and corporations should be held to the same laws as everyone else.

Corporations should not be allowed to exploit tax loopholes to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

Police and elected officials should be drug tested.

Police should be mandated to wear cameras while on duty.

Politician is not an occupation. Congress and the Senate need to be limited to one term.

Corporations are not people and should not be allowed to buy off our political process. They will not give up their power without a fight.

Despite all the marches, protests, and movements, Washington is still bowing to special interests and corporate lobbyists.

Local police, the C.I.A., N.S.A., and the I.R.S. are completely out-of-control...

Our voices are not enough. Our votes are not enough. If we want change, we must put our money where our democracy is.

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