Backpage arrest and public humiliation (LE's Final Solution)

By Christopher R Rice

You can't win a war against drugs and you can't stop the oldest profession on the planet but hey, if you need to justify your over bloated budgets, what better way than unwinnable wars?

Writing tickets to working girls never worked cuz the girls are back on the street as soon as the cop car leaves the block. A girl's got to eat. So LE said they had to target the clients. But this wasn't enough either. Soon, they claimed that "johns", men picked up for solicitation had to have their pictures posted in the local papers and on national nightly news networks.

Wreck their marriages and destroy their careers, let the punishment fit the crime, right?

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This all started supposedly to "protect the children", but look at every Backpage sting occurring across the country and no children are caught in these stings. It is only consenting adults. Children aren't advertised on Backpage, even Backpage reports shit like that.

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All the prostitution stings have scared away the clients leaving working girls with expenses and no income. Here's an example below how scared everyone is...

I wrote an article (How to) Beat Backpage Prostitution Police Stings (for Dummies) and received this comment...

COMMENT: "Is it possible to be arrested days/weeks/months/years after a hookup with an escort on Backpage? Or do arrests typically occur during a sting with immediate arrests?"

MY REPLY: It is always immediate arrest.
They can not arrest/cite unless you are caught in the act. (The act of exchanging sex for money/anything).

COMMENT: I guesse his next question he deleted...but then he ask about text messages, my reply....

MY REPLY: "you're okay! If she put out then she wasn't a cop and it wasn't a sting. Cops aren't wasting a lot of time on misdemeanor cases, so no they won't look at your text msgs. You're good."

He received a similar reply from another Redditor, than asked this...

COMMENT: "Some redditors in legal advice are telling me statutes of limitations for this offense is years and that I definitely can be charged. I know I can be charged, but realistically is that probable? Would she have to "give me up" for that to happen? At that point, would they really charge me? I'm in tax by the way. I can't handle the morality side of this. So much so, that I'm actually thinking of just going to the police and confessing?"

MY REPLY: "LMAO, statue of limitations? They cite you for this, NO arrest. Which means it is the equivalent of jay walking. So if you call the cops and tell 'em "I jay walked today, and I wish to turn myself in", see what they say after the laughter stops, Sponge Bob."

This is the mentality of clients everywhere. Damn, I sure won't let that guy do my taxes, he'd shit himself when I tried to write my drug habit off as a legitimate business expense. Which is what it is, I couldn't handle work without a lil puff puff.

Prostitution stings are occurring all across the country and the world, thanks to a Presidential Initiative which gave unlimited tax payer money to conduct local stings world wide against working women and the clients that they rely upon.

The government shouldn't be locking up consenting adults for choosing to engage in consensual behavior. Along as prostitution is completely illegal, the harms of it will greatly outweigh it being legalized. Brothels in Nevada that are legal don't have STD cases or underage girls. Or battered women. Legalize it and get the sex cops out of people's lives.

Stop trying to justify your grossly over bloated budgets.

Number one rule whenever calling a girl that you have never seen before:

Call the number in the ad, make date, get her address, call back, cancel date, apologize. Next, go to her address, wait a few blocks away. If it is a sting you'll see a black and white pig car pull up to pick up the johns for booking. If it is a real escort then you'll see johns pull up and leave a few minutes later in their own vehicles. Then you can call her back and make another date, keep this one and enjoy yourself. And fuck the police.

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