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Eric Holder and Al Sharpton announce 2016 White House run

By Christopher Rice

Support is building behind the scenes among top Democratic Party operatives close to Obama to position Attorney General Eric Holder to run for president in 2016.

Politico just asked outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, “Are you and Al Sharpton making a bid for the White House in 2016?” The interviewer who had the temerity to make such an outrageous suggestion was Mike Allen, Politico’s chief White House correspondent.

AG Holder sees no problem, Mr. Sharpton has been to the White House on many occasions. Holder saw no problem with Rev. Sharpton becoming the second most powerful man in the world. A surprise pick sure to shake up the race and reinforce the idea of the Attorney General as a reformer.

In picking Sharpton, Holder is taking a calculated risk. He is well known on the national stage but also has impressive credentials in his time in public life.

Of Sharpton, former White House political Svengali Karl Rove said this morning on Fox News Channel: "Well, I thought he was one of most unattractive men I've ever seen."

ROVE: Well look, saying that our government created AIDS in order to -- as a tool of genocide against blacks. That the government created drugs and sells drugs. To say the hateful things that Reverend Sharpton said are not phony issues. They speak to the deep convictions of the man.

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The President spoke for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. The event marked Holder's anticipated departure from the Department of Justice after more than six years of service as Attorney General. 

Calling him "one of our finest," President Obama quickly detailed some of Holder's major accomplishments over the past six years:

Hundreds of terrorism convictions.  The largest mafia takedown in history.  Billion-dollar financial fraud cases. Long-overdue reforms to our criminal justice system.  Thanks in part to Eric’s leadership, the overall crime rate and overall incarceration rate declined together -- for the first time in 40 years last year.  

The President also talked about the Attorney General's work to restore "the conscience of the nation" -- the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. Under Holder's leadership, the Department has relentlessly defended the Voting Rights Act, along with the right to vote; challenged discriminatory state immigration laws; prosecuted human trafficking and hate crimes in record numbers; and worked to ensure that same-sex couples are treated equally under the law.

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Former FBI director, Louis Freeh, commented on Holders presidential bid, saying that the Clinton White House had "used" Holder and kept both the FBI and the DOJ in the dark as to their full activities.

Holder's run for president in 2016, has provided a strong counter to Clinton, if she decides to run.

As secretary of state during Obama’s first term in office, Clinton could reasonably expect to have Obama’s endorsement if she runs for president, but a Holder candidacy would complicate matters.

With a Holder nomination for president in 2016, the political left would hope to hold together the modern-day version of FDR’s New Deal coalition that voted Obama a second term.

Holder is likely to draw similar percentages to Obama among inner-city African-American voters.

Given the Justice Department’s strong opposition to Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on immigration issues, Holder is likely to repeat Obama’s gains with Hispanic voters, including any illegal immigrants who might be deemed eligible to vote in 2016.

Holder’s enforcement of workplace rights should also appeal to single women, including single mothers and radical feminists, as well as union workers and SEIU government workers.

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