Feed The Poor – Eat The Rich – Part I

Here’s a short history of man eating man.

North China (1876-1879)

Three years of drought resulted in a famine that affected a total of 70 million Chinese. The populace turned to slavery, murder and cannibalism. Children were sold as food in market places. Mass graves, known as “10,000 man holes,” were created to house the carcasses. Due to the reclusiveness of the Manchu Dynasty, word of the disaster didn’t spread to the west until an entire year had passed. Even then, political and physical obstacles frustrated relief missions.

The tragedy took the lives of between 9.5 and 13 million people.

Fritz Haarmann (1879-1925)

He was a food smuggler in Hanover Germany immediately after World War I when the country was suffering famine. In 1919, he found a new way of getting meat out on the black market. He murdered 28 to 50 persons between the ages of 13 and 20, dismembered them and sold the meat as sausages. He was caught in 1924 and, after a two-week trial, was sentenced to death by decapitation that carried out on April 15, 1925.

Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish (1870-1936)

An innocuous looking housepainter in New York City, he was suspected of at least fifteen murders and molested between one hundred to three hundred children. Albert Fish was labeled a "masochist, a child molester, and a cannibal."
One of his victims was a 10-year-old girl. After murdering her, he cooked her as a stew with onions and carrots, and took nine days to consume her. Six years later he mailed a letter to her family describing in lurid detail what came of their daughter. Fish was arrested in 1934, tired, found guilty and executed in the electric chair in 1936. It took two full electrical charges to finally kill him. The second charge actually shorted out the electric chair. After his execution, a prison x-ray revealed 29 different needles in his groin, some eroded from time.
It was said that after his wife left him, he would stick these needles in his groin as well as taking an alcohol soaked cotton ball, placing it in his anus and lighting it with a match for sexual pleasure.

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Lewis Keseberg (1814-1895)

In 1846, he was a member of the infamous George Donner Party of 20 wagons heading into the U.S. west. The Donner Party was overtaken by early snows in the High Sierras and forced to kill its cattle for food. Some members perished.
Keseberg was one who survived. He was accused of murdering six members of the party and eating their flesh. While denying murder, Keseberg admitted to having indulged in cannibalism. He stated later, “It has been told that I boasted of my shame – said I enjoyed this horrid food and that I remarked human flesh was more palatable than California beef. This is a falsehood … This food was never otherwise than loathsome, insipid and disgusting.”

Feed The Poor – Eat The Rich, Part II coming soon.

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