LE's attack on the Underground turns ridiculous

By Christopher R Rice

Underground America Inc. has been publishing articles about how LE has spent tons of taxpayer money at the AG's request conducting stings against homeless women forced into prostitution, not by pimps but by economic necessity. And stings conducted against unlicensed contractors but this has turned ridiculous...

From the AP: In Fontana, investigators wearing bulletproof vests sit in unmarked cars outside a Southern California recycling center, swapping license plate details over two-way radio before dawn.

A truck emerges, and they follow, hoping to learn where drivers pick up what to many looks like trash but turns out to be treasure: cardboard.

Dressed for a battlefield authorties pulled over a driver whose pickup was brimming with a tower of flattened boxes. They were concerned about the stability of the load and wanted to determine whether the cardboard was legally obtained.

47-year-old Ramon Sucilla had been legitimately given the material by a local furniture store owner on the premise they would split the recycling proceeds.

Sucilla said he would rather be holding down a warehouse job, but when work is scarce, cardboard helps make up the difference.

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"I don't know how thieves would steal it, or when, because it takes time," Sucilla said, adding that it took him nearly two hours to load half a ton of cardboard worth $50. "People who do this, at least those who do so honorably, they do it out of necessity."

New York City has battled cardboard theft for years. Local authorities elsewhere have cited those who swipe recyclables from waste hauler-provided bins, but the efforts haven't curtailed the theft.

FREE find out where police stings are happening right now posted on Twitter. 

The crackdown in gritty, industrial suburbs east of Los Angeles aims to put a stop to a long-running practice of homeless being able to feed themselves through recycling our garbage and not forced into resorting to begging, stealing or prostitution.

This is a national effort conducted locally as recently reported by MotherJonesIs Giving Food to the Homeless Illegal in Your City Too?

And by MSNBC: Criminalization of homelessness on the rise in U.S. cities

How much of your money is your city spending writing tickets to people who can't afford to eat, wash, or even house themselves? It's not just ridiculous, it's down right shameful. And some people think that the city is giving away money to those in need but the reality is they are looking for more ways to put more people in their already over crowded jails and prisons to justify their over bloated budgets. Just disgusting.

In San Bernardino County, officials are citing offenders with misdemeanor petty theft. So far, two citations have been issued.

We can no longer in good conscience trust the politicians, the corporations or the police to police themselves. 

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