Officers honored for saving lives

Much deserved praise for the men and women involved in grassroots organizations that have been lobbying officers and county officials for years to implement the training used in these life saving incidents...

County officials presented Deerfield police Officers Quentin Davie, Kasey Kuhlers and Barry Schwartz and Sgt. Juan Mazariegos with "A Life Is Saved Award" from the Executive Justice Council of Lake County for their actions on Christmas Day that saved the life of a 29-year-old woman who reportedly had overdosed on heroin.

The four officers were the first in the county to deploy Naloxone, which counteracts such lethal opiate effects as respiratory suppression. It was distributed to police agencies across the county last fall.

The second life-saving incident took place Jan. 31 in Green Oaks, where Lake County sheriff's police report that deputies were dispatched to a residence on Shanklin Court after fielding a call about an unresponsive man. The report stated that Deputy Amanda Fosco arrived to find a man whose heart had stopped and was being administered CPR by a family member.

Fosco reportedly determined that the man might be reacting to an opiate overdose and administered a dose of naloxone with an auto-injector, which is described as delivering a nasal dosage. The report added that the victim "began to breathe on his own and became conscious a short time later."

He was taken to Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville for treatment of heroin ingestion.

General Strike to end Corruption offers our thanks not only to the officers who saved these lives but all the officers who have taken the time to receive this important training during the course of their everyday duties.

We think, 'Oh, it's not our kids,' but it is.

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