Reality Is Not Real, Part I

By Christopher Rice
from a jail cell circa 2011

Sitting here in my jail cell "Southwest Detention center", I wonder where everyone has gone. Where are my friends, why do they say they are not home when I call?

I’m reading “An Outline of History” by H.G. Wells and came to an historical account of Jesus’ life. As I read the account of Peter who denied knowing Jesus three times, I realized why my friends have turned their backs on me.

First, I am not comparing myself to Jesus. I am saying that if Jesus could not rely on his friends/disciples in his time of need, then how crazy of me, that I should expect more from my friends. If this is the treatment the Son of God received, how can I expect my friends to stick by me?

Everyone seems to live by the motto it’s better to protect one’s own scalp than to stick one’s neck out. Better to run and hide then to stand up and be counted.

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My friends, like Peter, worry that just knowing me threatens their own freedom and wellbeing. For most men, when they come upon a burning building, will not run inside to see if they can save someone from certain death but, instead, will stand around and watch it burn.

My girlfriend has younger, better-looking men hit on her all the time, but my girl only laughs. It would confuse me and I’d ask her why? Her answer that I was a different breed or that those men were boys and I was a real man only confused me even more – until now.

Now I see that when a wolf comes to snatch a sheep from the herd, a boy will run; flee and hide hoping only that the wolf won’t snatch him up as well. It is only a real man who will stay and risk his own life to protect his flock. A real man will risk putting his own body between his sheep and the wolf until the danger has passed.

I do not take any comfort in this knowledge though. It means every time danger rears its ugly head, the only thing I can count on is that my friends will run and hide.

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Being different doesn’t help me. This knowledge doesn’t comfort me. It only assures me that it will always be this way. It only serves to confirm my distrust in my fellow man. There is no solace or comfort to learn that there is not something wrong with me but something wrong with you.

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