I live in Ferguson. I'm tired of this.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this article.

Hello fellow St. Louisans. Here's to the shitstorm about to start in our city. The absurdity of the current state of politics will drive you insane. I don't know how to fix the way the media functions but I worry that we'll never get quality, unbiased news when they care so much about how many people are watching or clicking on their stories/advertisers.

If something turns violent though, you hear about it immediately. And people wonder why someone turns to violence, it gets attention from the people who forgot. Because the news stopped covering it long ago.

You want a functioning community, civilized discourse, free and fair voting and the utilization of the judicial system but the whole system is built against us, justice for the rich, prison and graves for the poor. The disparity between rich and poor grows year after year, regardless if it's a democrat or a republican in the White house.

I see you drive by in your brand new cars with the A/C blowing while I'm waiting on the bus to get to work. I have two jobs and still can't make ends-meet, so to eat I have to be on food stamps. The welfare office makes the DMV look like a well run business/machine and if you think the lines at the DMV are bad, pray that you never have to stand in a line at the welfare office.

So why would anyone ever use violence? Maybe because all of the cards are stacked against them from birth? When the rich thought they were losing everything in a stock market crash they jumped out of high rise buildings to their deaths, so lets not pretend that rich folks don't understand or get it because you would not last one day in my shoes.

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Could you sleep on the streets, get up and go to work, take a bird bath in a sink, in a public restroom? Suppose that you had a felony on your record, did your time, paid your debt to society and completed probation without a single violation but still no one would hire you and everyone wants to do a background check for a menial job that won't even provide you with a home?

The way this system is stacked against so many, I'm really shocked that there isn't a lot more violence against the police. They are the visible, on the front lines protector of a system that only works for fewer and fewer of it's citizenry. Violence will continue and only escalate against a system where the police are not trusted, politicians are inaccessible, courts are stacked against you and you have to fight City Hall to get a pot hole filled or a crossing guard at an unsafe intersection.  

A revolution started, the media has yet to label it as such so consequently you are unaware. As more and more police get shot you may be able to put two and two together on your own but won't accept it until CNN reports it as such. Until then, enjoy your latte and shake your empty heads in disbelief. You're next.

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