Obama VS Sen. Menendez

By Christopher Rice

This is some extremely dirty political business. There's way, way too much money in American politics these days and it has proved to be deeply harmful to our democracy.

The obscene amounts of cash being dangled in front of our politicians does nothing to help the average citizen or the American people as a whole; it just corrupts and damages our political process while weakening the power and influence of an individual's vote. The massive sums of money being thrown around as political donations (which are often nothing more than political bribes) help no one but the super-wealthy by allowing them to buy more and more influence in Washington. That is not a democracy, that is a plutocracy.

I don't care one bit if they're a Democrat or a Republican, if they're taking money to do special favors or to cater to special interests, they need to be charged for their crimes. They are violating the public's trust at the highest of levels and it's unacceptable.

According to Reuters: "Menendez allegedly used his Senate office to push the business interests of a Democratic donor and friend in exchange for gifts."

Bribery huh? Didn't know the U.S. had a problem with bribery. I guess our government will be rounding up all the lobbyists and arresting pretty much everyone else at the capital to bring criminal charges against them as well. Who am I kidding, they won't do that. If they did I'd have some confidence and pride in our government and I'm fairly sure I'll go to my grave without ever feeling either of those.

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CNN said Attorney General Eric Holder has given the green light for prosecutors to proceed with charges and an announcement could arrive in coming weeks.
Two law enforcement officials told Reuters the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been conducting a major corruption investigation of Menendez for some time, and one said it was nearing completion.

Menendez is the former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where he is the top Democrat. He has been a critic of the Obama administration's Cuba and Iran policies, but he is a staunch supporter of the White House on other issues.

Federal authorities have probed Menendez's relationship with Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen, a Democratic donor who has been accused of over billing the Medicare program.

NEWSWEEK wrote recently: "In recent days, The New York Times and other news outlets have shone a spotlight on Menendez, the thorn in Obama’s side, which makes sense. The two even had a tiff at a Democratic retreat last month when Obama urged sanctions supporters to put politics aside. Menendez said it was principle. No drinks were thrown, but it wasn’t good.

The biggest issue between the two men now is Iran. Menendez backs stronger sanctions—something the Obama administration has vowed to veto, insisting that such measures would scuttle the sensitive negotiations with Tehran.

Menendez and Senator Mark Kirk, a Republican, agreed to back off a vote until March to give the negotiations more time. But the talks have dragged on before and it’s likely that the showdown between Menendez and the president has only been postponed."

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In the past week, Menendez went against Democrats and escorted Netanyahu into house chambers for his speech. Also this past week, he joined Chris Christie in calling for the return of Joanne Chesimard as a condition of easing sanctions with Cuba.

Let this be a lesson to liberals. If you side with Obama's enemies and go against the Democrats, they will stop covering up for you and throw you under the bus.

Let's be very clear, there is not a single lawmaker on Capitol Hill that doesn't use their political office for personal gain. Term limits would help to deter the practice, but, as long as the lunatics are in charge of the asylum, our government will continue to deteriorate, morally and fiscally. Very few of our lawmakers run for office with the best interests of our country in their minds, and those few that do are soon corrupted by their peers once they arrive in D.C.

We need new rules on elected officials. First, they only get paid the average median income as every other American citizen. Second, they only get two terms in office and then someone else gets their job. Third, they don't get a lifetime pension or medical. They go back into the private field and find a new job if they can. Fourth, they take random drug tests like any employee would at any job in the U.S. If they are found to test positive, they are terminated immediately. Fifth, while in office they only get average health care like the average citizen. If that means, ObamaCare then that's what they get. Sixth, they get no extra perks. The only trip they get is to go back to their home state to work in their own district. Seventh, no more lobbyists. I could go on and on.

We need to clean house in Washington. If that means starting over then so be it. I always hear them say, "the American people have spoken" Well its time they listen. The American people are their employer and its high time they understood this. Get with the program or get out of Washington.

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