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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Cake For Cops - Underground America's Limerick Contest

By Christopher R Rice

Happy Saint Patrick's Day from the Underground.

Underground America is back online!!
FTP! Long live the Underground.

Contestant #1: There once was a turkey named Barack, he proudly misled his whole flock. They just couldn't see, their grim destiny. The Republicans and the Democrats both claim, that their parties are not the same. But when it comes to the debt both are just as much to blame.

Contestant #2: Seems Bugs Bunny got tired of it always being rabbit season and gave some pigs some wings. Now the police are in retreat and don't want to be seen on the street.

Contestant #3 This pig harassed the whole neighborhood. Well this pig worked at the station. This pig he killed my Homeboy, so the fuckin' pig went on a vacation.

This pig he is the chief. Got a brother pig, Captain O'Malley. He's got a son that'a a pig too. He's collectin' pay-offs from a dark alley.

This pig is known as a Narco. If he's a pig or not, we know that he could be.
This pig he's a fuckin' fag, so all his homepigs they call him a pussy.

Well this pig he's really cool. So in this class we know he rides all alone.
Well this pig's standin' eatin' donuts. While some motherfuckers out robbin' your home.

This pig he's a big punk. And I know that he can't stand the sight of me.
'cause pigs don't like it when ya act smart. And when ya tell 'em that your a dreg from society.

This pig works for the mafia. Makin' some money off crack. But this little pig got caught. So when he gets to the Pen it's all about the pay-back.

'cause once he gets to the Pen. They won't provide the little pig with a bullet-proof vest. To protect him from some mad nigga. Who he shot in the chest and placed under arrest.

An' it's all about breakin' off sausage. Do ya feel sorry for the poor little swine?
Niggas want to do him in the ass. Just ta pay his ass back, so they're standin' in line.

That fuckin' pig. Look what he got himself into. Now they're gonna make some pigs feet outta the little punk. Anybody like pork-chops? How 'bout a ham sandwich? How 'bout a ham sandwich?

Source: Cypress Hill

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