Starbucks can wait

I am sorry but the first thing that should be on everyone’s mind is the dead black men and children laying executed in our streets by a militarized police force that are shooting to kill and asking questions later.
22 year old Oscar Grant murdered by Bart PD
They are dead. They don’t get a day in court. They don’t get a life. They have been executed. The police brutality in this country is only growing. The longer it goes on, the more it will continue to expand. Let us honor the dead. Let us not put them on trial for their deaths. They cannot answer for themselves. Why are we so willing to politely discuss over laptops and cell phones, while sipping Starbucks coffee, the disenfranchised that now lay under the ground with no voice. That is a white and a socioeconomic privilege of unseen proportion.

12 year old Tamir Rice murdered by CPD
The divide in this country has continued to grow. Laws worked hard to pass, may, but are fought with resistance afterward, and the bigotry remains. Subtly, directly, but it is there. Oppression remains. And this is not the only area that makes America no longer exceptional. Human rights violations are bleeding throughout the borders and outside of them as well. The greed, corruption and crimes of this country are apparent.
Eric Garner murdered by NYPD
If that makes you uncomfortable, it should. The atrocities across this land should do more than that. It should bring us all to our knees and then cause a fury within our own conscience. An awareness that there is no longer anyone to “vote” for. It is us, and only us, to take back our country. We the people, must take a stand for our rights and be listened to. That is the power of a revolution.

Remove your own cognitive dissonance and look. That is where change begins. Not with accepting the unacceptable, or trying to politely discuss or make excuses for it. Starbucks can wait.

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