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Street Racing Sting

By Christopher Rice

When I used to go out and race, the cops would just show up, break us all up, and we would go to a different spot. None of them really gave any tickets.

I guess we had it good where we were at.

Just so everyone knows the highway patrol is having a field day busting street racers. They impounded 31 cars this weekend. They have been gathering evidence for months with tons of video and undercover officers.

Just Google "Street Racing Sting", cars are taken, people arrested and plans to take more cars. It is nuts.

Troopers describe the undercover operation as the largest vehicle seizure ever.

Troopers say they began receiving information several months ago about racing. The patrol mounted an investigation using undercover officers, confidential informants and hidden cameras.

Charges include prearranged racing, spontaneous racing, reckless driving and stop sign violations.

Prearranged racing and spontaneous racing are both misdemeanors punishable by revoked driving privileges, fines and jail time. But prearranged racing also includes vehicle seizure.

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Troopers say their crackdown will make the highways safer, "Street racing is extremely dangerous, and it places lives at risk," Col. Walter J. Wilson Jr., commander of the Highway Patrol, said in a statement.

One trooper told General Strike to end Corruption that these stings were planned not for public safety but to fill the city coffers. Because drug stings cost a lot of money and they have to burn the drugs afterwards. Prostitution stings are also costly and really bring in no money as most prostitutes don't even show up in court to pay their fines. But a supped up racing car can be auctioned off easily.

Getting together in a parking lot "is just a social thing," said Amy Kranenberg , 25, of Virginia Beach.

"We have a hobby just as anyone has a hobby," she said. "We're all ages, all races. There are people that spend $200 on their cars or $30,000 on their cars. They're not doing drugs or drinking and driving."

Those charged with racing, if convicted, could lose their driver's licenses for up to two years. Whether owners get their cars back "is up to the judge." While drunk drivers get to keep their vehicles and drivers licenses. 

Police promise more of the same in a crack down on illegal street racing.

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