Are police officers allowed to lie to you? Yes the Supreme Court has ruled that police officers can lie to the American people. Police officers are trained at lying, twisting words and being manipulative. Police officers and other law enforcement agents are very skilled at getting information from people. So don’t try to “out smart” a police officer and don’t try being a “smooth talker” because you will lose! If you can keep your mouth shut, you just might come out ahead more than you expected.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Revo -fuckin -lution 2.0

By Christopher Rice

Hello, welcome. Come on down, to the Underground. Let this be a lesson to all LE, play with the Bull, get the horns. Bulls on parade.

No one's putting up with your lies and bullshit any more. You promised us the best schools yet you have the worst schools of any industrialized country. You say "Land of the free", yet you lock up more of your own citizens than any other country on the planet, including China and Russia combined. WTF!

Everything you've told us has been a bold face lie. Police do not "protect and serve" any one (not from crime, pedophiles, rapist or this corrupt system). They only protect property and serve you with an eviction notice. Corrupt
corporations are rewarded with bailouts while the poor are locked up in record numbers or shot like dogs in the streets. Republicans and Democrats are the real thugs.

So let this be a lesson, play with the Bull, get the horns. Bulls on parade.

Related article: Top 10 riots in American history

No one in the hood was too surprised when VP Cheney wouldn't apologize for using torture 'cuz after all the Chicago PD has been torturing civilians for years. Indefinite detention without a trial is an every day occurrence in the ghetto.

Everyone got so upset over the NSA opening everyone's emails and violating their Constitutional rights but how'd you'd like to be pulled over and physically searched 'cuz of the color of your skin? Every mother fuckin' day? What no one's willing to stand up for my rights? Well then...

Learn a lesson from Ferguson, learn a lesson from New York and CicCi's in Nevada, learn a lesson from Baltimore.... Play with the Bull and get the horns, Bulls on parade!

WANT MORE? Read the entire article here- REVO-FUCKIN-LUTION

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Federal Bureau of Investigation

By Christopher Rice

If this shows up in your email box, hit "Spam" or send to your friends and enemies for a laugh. Received this today...

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Counter-terrorism Division and Cyber Crime Division
J. Edgar. Hoover Building Washington DC

Attention Beneficiary,

Records show that you are among one of the individuals and organizations who are yet to receive their overdue payment from overseas which includes those of Lottery/Gambling,Contract and Inheritance. Through our Fraud Monitory Unit we have noticed that you have been transacting with some impostors and fraudsters who have been impersonating the likes of Prof. Soludo/Mr.Lamido Sanusi of the Central Bank Of Nigeria, Mr. Patrick Aziza, Bode Williams, Frank, Anderson, none officials of Oceanic Bank, Zenith Banks, Kelvin Young of HSBC, Ben of FedEx, Ibrahim Sule, Dr. Usman Shamsuddeen and some impostors claiming to be The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Cyber Crime Division of the FBI gathered information from the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) on how some people have lost outrageous sums of money to these impostors. As a result of this, we hereby advise you to stop communication with any one not referred to you by us. We have negotiated with the Federal Ministry of Finance that your payment totalling $5,900,000.00(Five Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars). will be released to you via a custom pin based ATM card with a maximum withdrawal limit of $15,000 a day which is powered by Visa Card and can be used anywhere in the world where you see a Visa Card Logo on the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).

We guarantee receipt of your payment. This is as a result of the mandate from USA Government to make sure all debts owed to citizens of American and also Asia and Europe which includes Inheritance, Contract, Gambling/Lottery etc are been cleared.

To redeem your funds, you are hereby advised to contact the ATM Card Center In Nigeria via email for their requirement to proceed and procure your Approval of Payment Warrant and Endorsement of your ATM Release Order on your behalf which will cost you $750.00 USD only and nothing more as everything else has been taken care of by the Federal Government including taxes, custom paper and clearance duty so all you will ever need to pay is $750.00 USD only.

ATM Card Center Director Bar Lord Ruben.
Email: ( )
Phone Number: +234-806-933-4215

Do contact Bar Lord Ruben of the ATM Card Center via his contact details above and furnish him with your details as listed below and also ask him for the payment information you need to send the $750.00 USD Payment Warrant and Endorsement fee :

FULL NAMES: __________________________________
SEX: _______________
DATE OF BIRTH: __________________
OCCUPATION: __________________
TELEPHONE NUMBER: _____________________
EMAIL ADDRESS: _____________________

On contacting him with your details your file would be updated and he will be sending you the payment information in which you will use in making payment of $750.00 USD via MoneyGram Western Union Money Transfer for the procurement of your Approval of Payment Warrant and Endorsement of your ATM Release Order, after which the delivery of your ATM card will be effected to your designated home address without any further delay, extra fee.


Note: Disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possession of your ATM card, you are hereby advice only to be in contact with Bar Lord Ruben of the ATM card center who is the rightful person to deal with in regards to your payment and forward any emails you get from impostors to this office so we could act upon it immediately. Help stop cyber crime

If this shows up in your email box, hit "Spam" or send to your friends and enemies for a laugh.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Underground Resistance

Witold Pilecki, a 39-year old veteran of the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1921 who fought against the initial Nazi Germany's invasion and a member of the Polish resistance, voluntarily allowed himself to be captured by the Germans and sent to Auschwitz in 1940. Pilecki's mission was to allow himself to be arrested and, once inside Auschwitz, to collect intelligence for the Polish resistance in the country and the government-in-exile in London, and to organize a resistance from inside the camp.

During the next three years, Pilecki was involved in one of the most dangerous intelligence-gathering and resistance operations of the war. and began recruiting members for an underground resistance group that he organized into a coherent movement. He began sending information about what was going on inside the camp and confirming that the Nazi's were seeking the extermination of the Jews as early as 1941. Pilecki used a courier system that the Polish Resistance operated throughout occupied Europe to channel the reports to the Allies. Documents released from the Polish Archives that provided details of these reports again raised questions as to why the Allies, particularly Winston Churchill, never did anything to put an end to the atrocities being committed that they learned of so early in the war.

Related: Underground America is back online. How to beat the police, CPS, DEA, FBI, IRS and NSA. How to beat any drug test, police sting and how to beat your court case and more.

By 1942, Pilecki's resistance group had learned of the existence of the gas chambers and began work on several plans to liberate Auschwitz, including one in which the RAF would bomb the walls or Free Polish paratroopers would fly in from Britain. In 1943, when Pilecki realized that the Allies did not have plans to liberate the camp, he escaped with two other prisoners after he voluntarily spent 2½ years at the camp smuggling out its darkest secrets to the Allies. The documents released from the Polish Archives also included a Gestapo manhunt alert following Pilecki's escape.

In 1944, Pilecki was captured while fighting in the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 and spent the rest of the war in a prisoner-of-war camp. He joined the Free Polish troops in Italy in July of 1945 and agreed to return to Poland and gather intelligence on its takeover by the Soviets. Pilecki was caught by the Polish Communist regime, tortured, interrogated on his espionage, and executed following a trial at which he was given three death sentences. Note that relatively high number of the communist judicial system in Poland were Jews. Pilecki was executed on May 25, 1948 at Warsaw's Mokotow Prison.

Related: Underground America is back online. How to beat the police, CPS, DEA, FBI, IRS and NSA. How to beat any drug test, police sting and how to beat your court case and more.

Michael Schudrich, the Chief Rabbi of Poland, said that Pilecki was “an example of inexplicable goodness at a time of inexplicable evil. There is ever-growing awareness of Poles helping Jews in the Holocaust, and how they paid with their lives, like Pilecki. We must honor these examples and follow them today in the parts of the world where there are horrors again.” He authored three reports about life inside the camp for the Polish resistance. During his incarceration, Pilecki witnessed from the inside Auschwitz's transformation from a detention facility for political prisoners and Soviet soldiers into one of the Nazi's deadliest killing machines.

The details of Pilecki's bravery could not truly emerge until after the collapse of Communism in 1989. He received posthumously the Order of Polonia Restituta in 1995 and the Order of the White Eagle, the highest Polish decoration in 2006.

Related: Underground America is back online. How to beat the police, CPS, DEA, FBI, IRS and NSA. How to beat any drug test, police sting and how to beat your court case and more.

An English translation of Pilecki's third and most comprehensive report -- a primary source for this article -- was recently published as a book titled The Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery . It is a fascinating first-hand account of virtually all aspects of life inside the camp. The original document is in the custody of the Polish Underground Movement Study Trust in London.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Your VOTE doesn't amount to dog shit

By Christopher Rice

Reading the news always makes me sick, todays news is making me vomit in projectile. I remember the promises of "change", I remember how confident everyone was that the end of marijuana prohibition was finally here now that Jimmy Carter was being sworn in as president (alternate with Bill Clinton and now Barack Obama).

Advocates were disappointed and shocked that Obama reappointed Michele Leonhart—a holdover from the Bush administration—to head the DEA in 2010. Since then she's taken a very firm anti-marijuana stance that has alienated supporters of less strict drug laws. In 2011 she was criticized for saying that increased drug war violence in Mexico, including the deaths of over a 1,000 children, was “a sign of success in the fight against drugs.” During a 2012 House Judiciary subcommittee hearing, Leonhart refused to say whether marijuana is safer than crack.

This is the kind of change that politicians are really offering you when they run on a platform of change. It amounts to the same exact people running the DEA, the EPA, the police, the Army, the CIA, on and on. Exactly what change did your vote get you? Huh?

“Hopefully this is a sign that the Reefer Madness era is coming to an end at the DEA,” said Mason Tvert, the director on communications at the Marijuana Policy Project.

How can he possibly say or think this with a straight face? Isn't the definition of insanity "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"? Like voting.

Obama is not any different from Bush or Clinton or any of these other con artist you have allowed into the White House to run the country into the ground. I know that you want change, a real, deep whole body change. You crave it like air and so these Ivy League frat boys use that against you. And you fall for it every time.

It's become like a bad B movie. I watch you do the same dumb thing over and over, trying your hardest to find a way out of this mess that the people you trusted have got us into. I scream, "NO", don't go in the voting booth, he's there, waiting for you with change. A change that amounts to business as usual.

So next time you hear the promises of change and you're told to do your patriotic duty and vote just remember... They're willing to spend federal tax payer money to overturn the will of voters. They don't give a flying fuck about you or your family or your wishes, the sooner you can get that through your thick empty skulls, the sooner we can start to get out of this mess.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

bEnding Order

By CrimeThinc

It is only possible to preserve the prevailing social order by giving police officers carte blanche to kill black men at will. Otherwise, it would be impossible to maintain the racial and economic inequalities that are fundamental to this society. In defiance of widespread outrage, even at the cost of looting and arson, the legal system will always protect officers from the consequences of their actions—for without them, it could not exist.

The unrest radiating from Ferguson is not a tragic failure to channel protest into productive venues, but an indication of the form all future social movements will have to take to stand any chance of addressing the problems that give rise to them.

A profit-driven economy creates ever-widening gulfs between the rich and the poor. Ever since slavery, this situation has been stabilized by the invention of white privilege—a bribe to discourage poor white people from establishing common interests with poor people of color. But the more imbalances there are in a society—racial, economic, and otherwise—the more force it takes to impose them.

This explains the militarization of the police. It’s not just a way to sustain the profitability of the military-industrial complex beyond the end of the Cold War.
Just as it has been necessary to deploy troops around the world to secure the raw materials that keep the economy afloat, it is becoming necessary to deploy troops in the US to preserve the unequal distribution of resources at home. Just as the austerity measures pioneered by the IMF in Africa, Asia, and South America are appearing in the wealthiest nations of the first world, the techniques of threat management and counter-insurgency that were debuted against Palestinians, Afghanis, and Iraqis are now being turned against the populations of the countries that invaded them. Private military contactors who operated in Peshawar are now working in Ferguson, alongside tanks that rolled through Baghdad. For the time being, this is limited to the poorest, blackest neighborhoods; but what seems exceptional in Ferguson today will be commonplace around the country tomorrow.

This also explains why struggles against the police have taken center stage in the popular imagination over the past decade. The police are the front line of racism in every fight. You might never see the CEO who profits on fracking your water supply, but you’ll see the police who break up your protest against him. You might not meet the bank director or landlord who forces you out, but you will see the sheriff who comes to repossess your home or evict you. As a black person, you might never enter the gated communities of the ones who benefit most from white privilege, but you will encounter the overtly racist officers who profile, bully, and arrest you.

The civil rights struggles of two generations ago have become struggles against the police: today, a black man can become president, but he’s exponentially more likely to be murdered by an officer of the law. The workers’ struggles of a generation ago have become struggles against the police: in place of steady employment, a population rendered expendable by globalization and automation can only be integrated into the functioning of the economy at gunpoint. What bosses once were to workers, police are to the precarious and unemployed.

In view of all this, it is not surprising that police violence has been the catalyst for most of the major movements, uprisings, and revolutions of the past several years:
  • The riots that shook Greece in December 2008, ushering in an era of worldwide anti-austerity resistance, were sparked by the police murder of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos.

  • In Oakland, the riots in response to the police murder of Oscar Grant at the opening of 2009 set the stage for the Bay Area to host the high-water mark of Occupy and several other movements.

  • The day of protest that sparked the Egyptian revolution of 2011 was scheduled for National Police Day, January 25, by the Facebook page We Are All Khaled Said, which memorialized another young man killed by police.

  • The police eviction of Occupy Oakland, in which officers fractured the skull of Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen, brought the Occupy movement to its peak, provoking the blockade of the Port of Oakland.

It isn’t just that the police are called in to repress every movement as soon as it poses any threat to the prevailing distribution of power (although that remains as true as ever). Rather, repression itself has been producing the flashpoints of revolt.

The police cannot rule by brute force alone. They can’t be everywhere at once—and they are drawn from the same social body they repress, so their conflicts with that body cannot be concluded by purely military means. Even more than force, they need public legitimacy and the appearance of invincibility.
Wherever it’s hard for them to count on one of these, they’re careful to exaggerate the other. When they lose both, as they have in all of the previously described movements, a window of possibility opens—a Tahrir or Taksim Square, an Occupy encampment or building occupation, the occupied QT in Ferguson last August—in which it becomes possible to imagine a world without the boundaries and power imbalances they enforce. This window remains open until the police are able to reestablish their facade of invulnerability and either delegitimize the kind of force it takes to confront them, à la Chris Hedges, or else relegitimize policing itself.

Such relegitimization can take many forms. In Occupy, it took the form of rhetoric about the police being part of the 99% (which could just as easily have been said of the Ku Klux Klan). In Egypt, people overthrew several governments in a row only to see the police and military resume the same function again and again, each time relegitimized by the regime change; it turned out the problem was the infrastructure of policing itself, not a particular administration. In the Ukrainian revolution, when the police were successfully defeated, the same self-defense forces that had just routed them took over their role, performing it identically. Calls for “community self-policing” may sound innocuous, but we should recall the white vigilante groups that roamed New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Policing, in practically every form we can imagine it, is bound to perpetuate racism and inequality. It would be better to talk about how to do away with the factors that give rise to our supposed need for it in the first place.

In protests against the killing of Michael Brown, relegitimizing the police has taken the form of demands for police accountability, for citizens’ review boards, for police to wear cameras—as if more surveillance could possibly be a good thing for those too poor to survive within the law in the first place. It is naïve to present demands to authorities that regard the police as essential and see us as expendable. This can only reinforce their legitimacy and our passivity, fostering a class of go-betweens who build up personal power in return for defusing opposition. We should be grateful to the demonstrators in Ferguson who refused to be passive last night, rejecting representation and false dialogue at great personal risk, refusing to water down their rage.

For the only possible way out of this mess is to develop the ability to wield power on our own terms, horizontally and autonomously, stripping the police of legitimacy and shattering the illusion that they are invincible. This has been the common thread between practically all the significant movements of the past several years. If we learn how to do this, we can set our own agenda, discouraging the authorities from taking the lives of young men like Michael Brown and opening up a space in which they cannot enforce the structural inequalities of a racist society. Until we do, we can be sure that the police will go on killing—and no prosecutor or grand jury will stop them.

Welcome to the underground: Underground America is back online. How to beat the police, CPS, DEA, FBI, IRS and NSA. How to beat any drug test, police sting and how to beat your court case and download college text books for free.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

'This is not the rule of law, it is the rule of law enforcement, and it is very dangerous' Barrett Brown

The judge sentenced Barrett Brown to 63 months, primarily in support of the government's current war against journalists and the free press, in order to try and deter others from reporting government misconduct and the endemic corruption by government cronies.

For background on the case see this:-

Barrett Brown Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison After Reporting on Hacked Private Intelligence Firms

A journalist and activist accused of working with Anonymous has been given a five-year prison term and ordered to pay nearly $900,000 in restitution and fines. Barrett Brown was sentenced on Thursday after pleading guilty last year to charges of transmitting threats, accessory to a cyber-attack, and obstruction of justice. Supporters say Brown has been unfairly targeted for investigating the highly secretive world of private intelligence and military contractors. After his sentencing on Thursday, Brown released a satirical statement that read in part: "Good news! — The U.S. government decided today that because I did such a good job investigating the cyber-industrial complex, they’re now going to send me to investigate the prison-industrial complex."

Read more at:

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

CIAs Stress Position Torture

By focusing on waterboarding, we can sometimes forget that the other "alternative techniques" for "enhanced interrogation" are also forms of torture, even when they leave no permanent marks, or, in the words of AEI's John Yoo, do not cause major organ failure. The term "stress position" for example, when uttered by someone like Rush Limbaugh, who described some of what happened at Abu Ghraib as nothing more serious than fraternity hazing, can seem banal, even defensible. These positions, which the president strongly supports, can nonetheless become very quickly hideous acts of cruelty. Here's a photo of what the Nazis called Pfahlbinden.
You can seen that individuals are contorted just by the weight of their own bodies into positions of excruciating pain that lasts until it is unbearable. In this picture, it does not appear that the methods are being used to interrogate. They are being used for sadistic purposes. They are worse than the 'stress positions" we have evidence of in US custody because the Nazi prisoners were literally suspended in the air, their feet barely touching the ground. But the victums of US stress positions were chained to fixtures and walls with hands chained above and behind the head, with feet barely on the ground. They had a tiny bit more support for their feet, but it often made the procedure longer and in end, therefore, more painful.

When you hear a banal phrase like "stress position", and hear people dismiss it, remember that everything is in the doing. And when human beings are given total control over others, they are capable of great evil. Sane and civilized societies do not give permission for such things. And they do not make excuses for them. And when they discover they have been done, they investigate and prosecute those who broke the law.

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Marijuana and statehood activists are chaining themselves to ‘liberty pole’ on the Mall

(WashPost) At the very deliberate time of 4:20 a.m. Wednesday, dozens of D.C. marijuana activists arrived at the Mall. They put on some music, constructed a 42-foot “liberty pole,” and chained themselves to it.

“Chained to this pole, I feel more free than I have in my memory,” said protester David Keniston. “We are living democracy right now.”

Led by the DC Cannabis Campaign, the organization that spearheaded efforts to legalize marijuana in the city, the nearly week-long vigil in which city activists decry congressional meddling into local D.C. affairs began Wednesday.

The activists decided to start the around-the-clock protest on April 15, Tax Day, because, as the city’s license plates say, the District has “taxation without representation.” D.C. residents pay federal taxes, but do not have voting representation in the Senate or House.  The vigil is slated to end at 4:20 p.m. on, well, April 20, more commonly known as 4/20.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Do you know the best part of my job?

By Christopher Rice

The best part of this gig so far, is when I open my emails and someone says:

"Thanks, last night I avoided getting caught up in a police sting. Thanks to the information on your site I saw what was happening and got the hell out of there. And sure enough, I got a few blocks away and there were the black and whites to pick up the suckers. Thanks again."

Kept one more person out of the system. One less person going to court, being sent to jail or prison. Feels great, then I  open "comments"...

The worst part of this job is the haters. No matter what, there is always someone tryin' to poop in your Cheerios. What's weird is that they don't rag on my writing or website any more only on my advertisers. First it was the BDSM ads, now it's the pot ads or bong ads.

Fortunately though I'm like Stevie Wonder and I see right through 'em.

Then I open my Paypal account and there's not one single donation. So then I have to spend all of my day searching for even more advertisers instead of researching and writing articles. And the haters want everything sourced and double spaced and then still complain....

Here's a crazy idea, make a donation so I can hire real writers and maybe even an editor.

UPDATE: "People tell me everything I need to know about rock & roll, politics n' all about our new band. But some people never happy "don't like it" - "didn't see it" oh oh. They had to make a comment! Your new drummer's crazy, your manager's an asshole! get a new shirt? I can't stand your guitar player! Rolling stone, Village Voice, picky picky picky! Said we can't sing, can't play, can't write anyway! New name - old name - carry on, with such insane fuckers everywhere, New York - L.A. times rock & roll magazines, said we couldn't make it. But here we go again on rock and roll radio. People tell me everything I need to hear about what we need, what we. Got, what we're never gonna get. Old singers gone away - whatcha gonna do about it? Gold records, rock & roll n' why don'tcha sound like you used to in '65? '69? '75? Everybody stand up, they got to make a comment, critics said they'll never make it, never make it, never never never never never never never! Fuck you! we do what we want!"                        By Jefferson Starship "Stairway to Cleveland"

I'm suppose to contribute my time and energy for free. After all, doesn't everyone work for free. I'm sure I can support myself on, what did we bring in today? Oh yeah nothin'. 

So next time you want to complain about my porn sites/links or type of advertisers I have, remember who pays the fuckin' bills around here, okay? 'Cause last time I checked you contributed nothing, you are just taking up space, so don't embarrass yourself and your momma if you had one by being a hater.

Life is great, enjoy it. The second best thing about this gig is having your articles reposted in over a thousand different blogs and websites around the world.

I'm still adding the final touches but Underground America Inc. is back online! We are completely independent and free from any censorship.

Oh yeah, if you were offended by the pot or BDSM advertisers, I must quote from Suicidal Tendencies and say "maybe you needed to be offended, and one more thing..."

If you're unfamiliar with that band or quote, you can imagine the rest, if you have an imagination or go look it up if you don't.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed, time, energy or money to our projects. Much appreciated, much love. -C

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

(How to) Shoplifting (for Dummies)

By Christopher Rice and Diane Gordon

Stores today are not there for you. They are there for profits. They may claim low prices, but in all truth the merchandise is usually marked up 200% or more. 

I have seen some instances where cologne has been marked up 450%. This is outrageous. 

Why should we pay those kinds of prices, when we can get it for free. Many stores may claim that shoplifting increases prices, but the real reasons for price increases is greed.

And remember Robin Hood, steal from the rich and give to the poor.

They won't always stop you if the sensors go off. I have set the sensors off a couple of times and they didn't do anything. No one even approached me because they didn't have proof.

I make sure to go where there are no cameras and if it has a beeper in it I go to the bathroom and cut it off. I use my kids diaper bag or my purse, it is really easy to steal from Wal-Mart until the LP (Loss Prevention) people realize you are there everyday.

I'd say it is safer to push it right out the front door at about 11pm.

Also there are no LP guys at Wal-Mart past 10 pm. 

Also each Wal-Mart is different in which aisles have no cameras, usually the panty aisle or the toys or sometimes lawn and garden, but it's always different and the new Wal-Marts don't have as many cameras but the ones that they do have are tiny and discreet.

The LP guys will tell you that if you ever come in Wal-Mart again they will catch you because they have facial recognition software which is bull shit, i go in Wal-Mart everyday and they know me and still don't catch me.

If you run out of shampoo or something why would you waste money on it when you don't have to, or if you want a drink and have no money, don't think of it as a problem, just go to the store and get a drink.

A common technique, especially because fitting rooms aren't well monitored, is for the thief to steal garments by putting them on under her own clothes and wearing them out of the store.

Related: Underground America is back online. How to beat the police, CPS, DEA, FBI, IRS and NSA. How to beat any drug test, police sting and how to beat your court case and more.

What to do if you are caught?

LP employees are taught to approach and apprehend a suspect only if they witness the suspect concealing the items and exiting the premises with the concealed items.

You’ve shoplifted items by concealing them in your secret patch pocket sewn inside your pants. You exit the store and are suddenly approached by a loss prevention employee requesting you come with them.

What the hell do you do?

Run? Verbally defend yourself? Just keep walking as normal?

It really all depends on the situation.

I really don’t recommend running.
Immediately that is.

When to Run


Unless you have a million warrants out, have more than 2 previous shoplifting charges, or are on probation you shouldn’t really run immediately.

If you run, you’re automatically saying you are guilty. Period.

If you’re the type that’ll want to run regardless, the best thing you can do is immediately seem passive and cooperative.

Immediately start walking back with LP with an “I’m sorry” look on your face. After you walk about 3 seconds back, LP will assume that you are going to cooperate and will relax, and then you can run like hell.

When To Cooperate Fully


If you have under $30-$50 and are a first time shoplifter, you probably won’t be going to jail depending on what state you’re in. You’ll probably receive an order to appear in court with a misdemeanor theft charge. It’s not the end of the world.

So if you’re a passive person by nature, you’ll be OK cooperating with them.

Don’t Try To Talk Your Way Out of It

The reason why a loss prevention employee would approach you is because they have clear evidence you shoplifted. They watched you conceal the items and walk out the store with no intention on paying for the items.

9 times out of 10, they are 100% sure where you have the items.

When you try to talk your way out of it, you’re putting everyone in a aggressive defensive mode. They’ll feel it’s clear you don’t want to admit or come back to the LP office with them, so they’ll be ready if you resist or run.

Going back to above, I recommend becoming passive immediately. Make them feel as if you’re saying “Ok you caught me, I give up”, and then run like hell!

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Shoplifting for the holidays

1. There are more people in the stores.

 You can use crowded stores to your advantage by hiding in plain sight. On the flip side, don’t be a fucking moron and look like a thief. Dress and act the way all the other shoppers do, or else you’re going to stick out and get your ass sent to jail.

2. Employees are very busy, clueless, and stressed.

Every cashier is fucking miserable during the holidays. I know this first hand as I was a cashier working holidays at a Circuit City in my teens – as mentioned in my previous post. Palm a small pricy item at checkout in plain view, I guarantee you the cashier will just be overwhelmed and trying to scan your shit as fast as possible. Same goes for the employees roaming around departments. They’re too busy to notice anything.’re a moron and stick out.

3. Sales displays are everywhere and endcaps are larger

Marketing & Advertising is in full force during holidays meaning the store is cluttered with places optimal for hiding concealment. For example, if you have a pocket sized item (let’s say a flash drive) you want to jack you walk extremely close to a display (or endcap) and pocket your item in a clean motion – almost as if you’re reaching for your phone.

While these reasons may seem obvious to some, beginner shoplifters often overlook the opportunity. Whether you’re an opportunist or leading a professional theft ring, you’re bound to find a way to use the above reasons to your advantage.

Do's and Don'ts of Shoplifting

1. RACIAL PROFILING: Never Wear Clothing That Will Make You a suspect.

If you look like a thug chances are store employees and LP will be up your ass every aisle you go down. The best thing for guys is get a business cut, wear a dress shirt and tie if you have one.  

Even if you don’t believe someone should be judged by how they look, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what the people trying to catch you believe.

Baggy clothes in general are good places to hide stolen items. Some people have extra pockets or hooks sewn into coats and jackets.

If you’re going to steal and shoplift, seriously, don’t look like you’re going to steal and shoplift. Period.

2. Never have anything Illegal on you.

This may seem remedial. But, should you get caught or questioned, it’s best not to have anything on you that may confirm that you are a criminal with criminal intentions. Not only that, you won’t stand a chance with getting away with a “warning”.

Cops have to be called if you possess anything illegal.

Leave your illegal shit in your car or at home, if you have one.

3. Never Bring an Empty Looking Bag or Purse

I’ve trained Loss Prevention associates to be on alert for women carrying empty or flat looking purses and men wearing empty looking or flat backpacks. The reasoning behind this is it’ll be easy to tell if the backpack/purse is filled with stolen merchandise upon exiting the store.

The baby carriage or stroller is a great tool for shoplifters. There are always blankets, toys, and other things in strollers (including the baby) that merchandise can be hidden under. Some thieves have even built false bottoms in baby carriages.

A newspaper can be used to hide small objects.

Umbrellas with handles are handy for shoplifters trying to steal small items. A common tactic is to keep a closed (but not snapped) umbrella hanging on one's elbow or leaning against a counter, and then to drop items into it.

4. Never look around and seem to be on alert.

Don’t make this mistake. Don’t be looking around to see if anyone is watching you. Eventually, someone will be watching you watching for other people.

Instead, seem so relaxed you could be mistaken as being tired. Slow down your pace when you walk. Remember, you’re trying to appear normal. Normal means you are just shopping and have nothing to hide or exciting going on. Just shopping.

Maybe throw in an occasional yawn, just be careful not to make them look fake.
Hide in plain sight.

If a friend of yours goes with you. Have him/her dress/act very suspicious. When an employee sees someone acting suspicous they key in on that person. Soon they will have everyone in that store watching him/her. Then you go where ever the merchandise is, and steal away. You leave with whatever you want, and then your friend leaves soon after, feeling good that he/she has just fooled a store full of idiots.

5. Don’t grab more than one of the same items

Let’s say you’re planning to resale a shit load of batteries after stealing them from Wal-Mart. Be extremely careful of how many you get at a time.

They were caught before they even shoplifted.

Don’t be this person. Should you need to grab items in bulk, be sure not to have them in plain sight. But, at the same time, don’t make it obvious you’re trying to hide a bulk of items from being seen.

Do NOT be fooled by cameras with the name SVS.  These are fakes! They do nothing but sit there. They look real by the way they have a cable going into a wall, and are plugged in and have a red light on, but they are still fake. GUARANTEED!

Do NOT be stupid enough to steal around other shoppers. I have seen many instances where the employees never saw a person shoplift, but a customer had turned a shoplifter in, and the customers word is just as incriminating as the employees.

When you start walking out the door if you see someone following you, then run for dear life. Most of the time you can get away.

If you have a get-a-way car waiting, then be sure that the license plate is covered up. 

Shoplifting is an art. An art of manipulation.

With practice you’ll get good at it.

Step up your game:

If you’re at a level where you are willing to step up your shoplifting game, you may want to consider making a Booster Bag. However, understand how it’s going to look should you get apprehended. There’s not going to be a doubt in the judges mind whether you intended to steal or not.

If you’re a dude, be sure not to stick out with a man purse or sketchy looking backpack.

Here’s a quick how to video from YouTube. I recommend improvising…

Grocery stores are probably the easiest to hit. Most have low security if any. Only problem, is that most people think the only thing you can get at a grocery store is food. WRONG!! Go over to the HBA (Health & Beauty Aids). There is gold there.

Get everything from Advil to Obsession Cologne. You ask yourself, why do i need 80 boxes of Advil? Take one box for yourself, then go sell the rest to friends, or take the stuff to a Flea Market, set yourself up a booth, and sell away. Most boxes of Advil cost around $10-$20 each.

You sell for $5-$10, and instant profit. But be careful in the HBA area, that is usually where the security will be, if any!

How to return the crap you stole for the crap that you really want

Even without a receipt most stores will make exchanges if you keep it in the original packaging. Gift cards can easily be re-sold or used to get the crap that you really want. Some people will wander around a parking lot picking up receipts that other customers discarded and then steal the same products from any store and then return for a full refund.

Some stores that only allow you to exchange for an in store gift card will allow you to purchase a Visa gift card using their gift card, then the cash can be withdrawn from the Visa gift card.

Don't be nervous about returning merch, if they don't catch you in the act of stealing they really can't do anything after the fact.

Corporations, banks, churches and greedy individuals who steal from the poor and the homeless are like cancer that needs to be destroyed.

The founding fathers destroyed commercial cargo on British ships by throwing tea into the Boston Harbor. The equivalent today would be to board commercial vessels from China and throw the cargo into the Pacific ocean, to protest our trade policies/deficits, low tariffs, shipping jobs over-seas, corporate off shore tax havens, etc., etc.  Shoplifting hits 'em where it hurts most, merchandise/ money.

Since forming this new organization for antagonistic struggle, we have attacked the system, showing that struggle is possible because the system is vulnerable.


Source: HowToShoplift

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