Do you know the best part of my job?

By Christopher Rice

The best part of this gig so far, is when I open my emails and someone says:

"Thanks, last night I avoided getting caught up in a police sting. Thanks to the information on your site I saw what was happening and got the hell out of there. And sure enough, I got a few blocks away and there were the black and whites to pick up the suckers. Thanks again."

Kept one more person out of the system. One less person going to court, being sent to jail or prison. Feels great, then I  open "comments"...

The worst part of this job is the haters. No matter what, there is always someone tryin' to poop in your Cheerios. What's weird is that they don't rag on my writing or website any more only on my advertisers. First it was the BDSM ads, now it's the pot ads or bong ads.

Fortunately though I'm like Stevie Wonder and I see right through 'em.

Then I open my Paypal account and there's not one single donation. So then I have to spend all of my day searching for even more advertisers instead of researching and writing articles. And the haters want everything sourced and double spaced and then still complain....

Here's a crazy idea, make a donation so I can hire real writers and maybe even an editor.

UPDATE: "People tell me everything I need to know about rock & roll, politics n' all about our new band. But some people never happy "don't like it" - "didn't see it" oh oh. They had to make a comment! Your new drummer's crazy, your manager's an asshole! get a new shirt? I can't stand your guitar player! Rolling stone, Village Voice, picky picky picky! Said we can't sing, can't play, can't write anyway! New name - old name - carry on, with such insane fuckers everywhere, New York - L.A. times rock & roll magazines, said we couldn't make it. But here we go again on rock and roll radio. People tell me everything I need to hear about what we need, what we. Got, what we're never gonna get. Old singers gone away - whatcha gonna do about it? Gold records, rock & roll n' why don'tcha sound like you used to in '65? '69? '75? Everybody stand up, they got to make a comment, critics said they'll never make it, never make it, never never never never never never never! Fuck you! we do what we want!"                        By Jefferson Starship "Stairway to Cleveland"

I'm suppose to contribute my time and energy for free. After all, doesn't everyone work for free. I'm sure I can support myself on, what did we bring in today? Oh yeah nothin'. 

So next time you want to complain about my porn sites/links or type of advertisers I have, remember who pays the fuckin' bills around here, okay? 'Cause last time I checked you contributed nothing, you are just taking up space, so don't embarrass yourself and your momma if you had one by being a hater.

Life is great, enjoy it. The second best thing about this gig is having your articles reposted in over a thousand different blogs and websites around the world.

I'm still adding the final touches but Underground America Inc. is back online! We are completely independent and free from any censorship.

Oh yeah, if you were offended by the pot or BDSM advertisers, I must quote from Suicidal Tendencies and say "maybe you needed to be offended, and one more thing..."

If you're unfamiliar with that band or quote, you can imagine the rest, if you have an imagination or go look it up if you don't.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed, time, energy or money to our projects. Much appreciated, much love. -C

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