Your VOTE doesn't amount to dog shit

By Christopher Rice

Reading the news always makes me sick, todays news is making me vomit in projectile. I remember the promises of "change", I remember how confident everyone was that the end of marijuana prohibition was finally here now that Jimmy Carter was being sworn in as president (alternate with Bill Clinton and now Barack Obama).

Advocates were disappointed and shocked that Obama reappointed Michele Leonhart—a holdover from the Bush administration—to head the DEA in 2010. Since then she's taken a very firm anti-marijuana stance that has alienated supporters of less strict drug laws. In 2011 she was criticized for saying that increased drug war violence in Mexico, including the deaths of over a 1,000 children, was “a sign of success in the fight against drugs.” During a 2012 House Judiciary subcommittee hearing, Leonhart refused to say whether marijuana is safer than crack.

This is the kind of change that politicians are really offering you when they run on a platform of change. It amounts to the same exact people running the DEA, the EPA, the police, the Army, the CIA, on and on. Exactly what change did your vote get you? Huh?

“Hopefully this is a sign that the Reefer Madness era is coming to an end at the DEA,” said Mason Tvert, the director on communications at the Marijuana Policy Project.

How can he possibly say or think this with a straight face? Isn't the definition of insanity "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"? Like voting.

Obama is not any different from Bush or Clinton or any of these other con artist you have allowed into the White House to run the country into the ground. I know that you want change, a real, deep whole body change. You crave it like air and so these Ivy League frat boys use that against you. And you fall for it every time.

It's become like a bad B movie. I watch you do the same dumb thing over and over, trying your hardest to find a way out of this mess that the people you trusted have got us into. I scream, "NO", don't go in the voting booth, he's there, waiting for you with change. A change that amounts to business as usual.

So next time you hear the promises of change and you're told to do your patriotic duty and vote just remember... They're willing to spend federal tax payer money to overturn the will of voters. They don't give a flying fuck about you or your family or your wishes, the sooner you can get that through your thick empty skulls, the sooner we can start to get out of this mess.

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