Hate mail

By Christopher Rice

I must be doing something right 'cuz I just started receiving hate mail. After Wordpress and Google removed Underground America Inc. I rebuilt the site. Then started guerilla marketing to let everyone know that the site is back online.  

Today, I opened my email and usually I receive request for (police) sting alerts or thanks for someone dodging a sting due to the info they read on my site, but today I received this:

"Come up and pull some of your nigger monkey bullshit in my neighborhood................and you’ll meet my security system. A hot .223 round in between your fucking eyes............from my AR-15.................with night vision scope...............
There are so many white people tired of your nigger garbage and ready for a war.................come and get some asshole............."
First, you don't even need to go to Snopes.com to know I'm not a nigga, I'm a cracker just like you, my pics are all over my site. But I'd be plenty happy to come up to your place and put my BBC up your... and make you and your wife squeal like a couple of... God bless America!
Second, lets run down the things that Christopher Rice is not...
I am not author Christopher Rice, son of Anne Rice famous vampire author.
I am not Chris Rice, the Christian music singer.
I am not a woman.
I am not a nigga.
I am not nor have I ever been a CIA interrogator (regardless what they tell you on Reddit).
I am also NOT a socialist, communist, terrorist, racist or sexist.
I was a caregiver but because of background checks and drug test I'm considered unemployable. I was a pimp, but due to the excessive amount of police stings against this profession, the real customers have all been chased away, leaving pimps and working girls with a lot of expenses and no income. Which leaves me with a lot of time on my hands.
And I'm comin' for you honkies.
Changin' laws, politicians or police chiefs has accomplishing nothin'. All the racist cops are still on the beat and every time you try to get a job there's some one from the Klu Klux Klan asking you for a background check and drug test just to work at a fuckin' gas station.
It's institutionalized racism, cuz you know the racist cops have given every nigga like me a record. So if I can't work, can't support my family, what do you think a nigga like myself is going to do?
I'm comin' for ya', but remember you threatened me with your AR15, anything I do is in self defense. Hell, I'm scared for my life, like the police.
What's my mother fuckin' name?
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