Q & A (How to) Defeat such a powerful enemy

By Christopher Rice
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Q. Who's going to stand up to the psychopaths who've hijacked the U.S. government?

Who's going to stand up to the violent, mindless goon squads they now control?

They're currently in the process of invading and destabilizing every country they were unable to fully control from afar.

What happens when they've completed their murderous world-domination agenda? Who will be left to stand up to them?

A. They have all of the power, they control all communications and all resources. I've worked with activist from every group out there from Anarchist to the Tea Party and all activist have made three fatal mistakes.

The first is, we are constantly reacting to the government,  which has us constantly on the defense. We need to go on the offense.

Second flaw is buying into the lie that the Sheeple need to be woke up. Its just not so, everyone's fed up and  looking for alternatives. We only need to offer a better alternative.

Third we have let down our own whistleblowers, they have to go into hiding or they end up in prison. Why won't the people stand up and protect their leaders?

The next issue I have is with protest, if you protest and think that's it, you've done your part you might as well do nothing. The enemy is resolute, committed, well trained and well equipped. A simple picnic in the park with angry signs won't change a thing.

It is not guns or riots that are required, though. It is commitment. If you look back at the successful movements of the past they made historic change without the benefit of computers, cell phones, faxes or social networks.

How did they do it? They were committed. It takes more than one march or even several protest. It takes more than pressing "Like" and "Share" on Facebook. It takes a commitment that most people these days just don't seem to have.

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There is one other problem that always gets over looked and that is the geography of the enemy that we face.

In Poland they held General Strikes to remove the communist from power and they did it without ever firing a shot. But here's the problem, Poland, like most countries around the world is only the size of one of our states, we need to adjust our thinking to that reality.

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If we are to have any success we must coordinate our efforts. If everyone is publishing the same thing, everyone passing out the same flyer everyone tackling the same issue, the same problem or enemy, we will have a much greater impact. And as with crack, the Contras and the CIA, once enough independent media published the story it could not be ignored by the MSM. But we can't stop there.

It's called "information overload" and the CIA has used it all around the world to topple democratically elected governments. We have the same publishing power but only if we work together with the same commitment and aggression that the enemy will put in place to defend their position. But that's where we want the enemy / government is on the defense. Responding to our attacks. That's how we defeated the British and that's how we will defeat the Republicans and the Democrats. But that is just the beginning, because remember, ending slavery and Apartheid did not bring the desired change, we need a commitment to see this all the way through.

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Related: Underground America is back online. How to beat the police, CPS, DEA, FBI, IRS and NSA. How to beat any drug test, police sting and how to beat your court case and more.

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