the American Drug Cartel

By Christopher Rice and Anonymous
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Finally admit that the 'war on drugs' was lost. 'Just say no' was another joke. Education through the 'Dare' program failed. Putting people in jail fails. Rehab programs are money makers with a very low success rate. I am someone who went through the hell of addiction.

As someone who suffers from chronic pain and cannot afford a "pain clinic", I have developed a hatred for the AMA and big pharma. They release these horror stories about opiates, causing the government to tighten restrictions on their use. Any amount over a small amount, you've got to go to a "pain clinic". These clinics are very expensive. Has anyone else noticed the explosion in the numbers of these very lucrative "pain clinics" in the last few years. These periodic release about the horrors of opiates are only for the purpose of keeping these very lucrative businesses in business and being the only legal avenue of relief for many people.

This is the American Drug Cartel. I think I like the Mexican ones better. At least they don't hide their criminality behind a false face of concern for our health.

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I live in Kentucky and we are one of the states that lost a generation to prescription drugs. When the MDs and Pill Mills started closing the addicts turned to heroin. My childhood MD just had his office raided by the DEA this week. My old Senior Medical Officer in the Navy was busted running a pill mill in Florida, it was the largest in state history at that time. Even my old childhood dentist has been sanctioned in my state for over prescribing. This epidemic is not medicine, its racketeering, drug dealing, and stuff that makes the mob look honest.

This is happening every single day in every single state. People use big pharma opiates till it becomes cheaper to use the root drug. The level of corruption is phenomenal and no one does anything about it.

One dealer/Pain Clinic will shut down and another will open up.

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If the addicts can't get there meds in the pain clinics, they often go to the ER knowing they have to be treated. It is there that they receive their "cocktail". We are in a different world, say goodbye to the usual street corner junkies because they are now outnumbered by many so called educated working men and women who are addicted to pain meds.

Meanwhile, people with legitimate needs have been screwed over by the DEA rooting around in their treatment, making decisions with non medical goals in mind.

Doctors have been so afraid to prescribe any narcotics and as a pain patient for fifteen years from a thirty five foot fall at work, I have chronic pain and had to call fifty doctors before I found one with the balls to prescribe a narcotic. I am on Fentanyl now but it doesn't work like Methadone and even my doc won't give me Methadone 'cuz he's afraid of it, but I'm afraid this pain will kill me and he needs to give me what works for me but so far I am in great pain so he can be comfortable. The new regulations doctors have to go by disenfranchise patients and many turn to heroin or suicide because doctors are afraid to take on pain patients that have pain that only narcotics help. I am not an abuser of medication I was sentenced to pills for life because I did my job.

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Statistics show that about 90% of heroin users are white men and women who first tried prescription painkillers. The total number of addicts is about half a million, with approximately 3,000 deaths from the drug in 2010. But those numbers pale in comparison to the impact of opioid painkillers, such as oxycodone.

There are more than two million Americans hooked on these legal medications, which killed 16,651 people four years ago. There could have been more, but oxycodone has become more expensive and more difficult to abuse, so some users switch to heroin.

“Now they’re using [heroin] as a default drug,” Dr. Theodore J. Cicero, a professor of psychiatry at Washington University in St. Louis, told the Inquirer. “They’d really prefer to go back to prescription drugs, but they couldn’t afford them. They wanted to get high, but mostly they didn’t want to get sick” with withdrawal.

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Florida was once a haven for pill mill operators, attracting addicts and drug dealers from around the country. But a statewide crackdown on pain clinics sent the operators scrambling to set up shop in Georgia, Tennessee and other states.

The United States is in the grip of a prescription drug epidemic that kills 144 people each day from overdose, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If Congress, Senate and State Governors-lawmakers were given a drug test, how many do you think would pass? And how many would fail?

It's time for the DEA to be de-funded and abolished. Using words like addict to demonize you but if you choose to use or consume food, drink, or "drug" it is not the place of government to get involved. When government hinders the pursuit of happiness, when the government hinders freedom and liberty, we are in essence paying for our own abuse. Prohibitions only success has been in justifying the over bloated budgets of the DEA and other government agencies fighting the so-called "war on drugs".

Big pharmaceuticals are the real drug dealers.

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