Cops busted in prostitution stings

By Christopher Rice
The government shouldn't be locking up consenting adults for choosing to engage in consensual behavior. Along as prostitution is completely illegal, the harms of it will greatly outweigh it being legalized. Brothels in Nevada that are legal don't have STD cases or underage girls. Or battered women. Legalize it and get the sex cops out of people's lives.

Cops busted in prostitution stings:

Former sheriff sentenced for lying in prostitution case

Former Country Club Hills, Illinois police chief caught in prostitution sting. 4/2/2015

29 johns, including soldier and constable, arrested in Central Texas prostitution sting

Miami Gardens, Florida Police Chief Stephen Johnson Arrested for Soliciting Prostitute 2/28/2015

Former Miami Gardens Police Chief Released From Jail After Arrest 2/28/2015

Former Baltimore Police Department officer busted in Florida prostitution sting. He paid $200.

Former Baltimore, Maryland police officer sentenced to 21 months in prison for running prostitution ring and pimping out his wife.

Ex-San Bernardino cop gets 25 years for sex crimes against prostitutes

Former Shreveport, Louisiana Fire Department fire captain pleads guilty to prostitution and abuse charges

W. Baton Rouge, Louisiana deputy booked in prostitution case

GREENFIELD, Ind Busy week in court for Greenfield police lieutenant: New trial on prostitution-related charges

DC pimp police officer sentenced to 7 years of prison for Human Trafficking, he could have got 24 years.

Prosecutors defend prison sentence for former D.C. officer in prostitution case. Recommended 8 year prison sentence.

‘Broke’ ex-deputy with $180K gets longer term in prostitution case

Cop arrested in prostitution sting is set to get $10,579 a month in paid leave. Must be nice.

Two Indiana sheriffs in linked to same prostitute. One gave his badge and uniform to prostitute so she could get lower hotel rates.

Sherriff deputy busted/fired for promoting prostitution in Kings county, WA.

Phoenix Arizona police officer busted in Glendale, Arizona prostitution sting.

Robbinsdale, Minnesota police chief busted for prostitution in home on Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Busted in Backpage internet prostitution sting.

Baltimore Police Sergeant caught in Baltimore county prostitution sting.

Off duty Texas patrol office busted by Harris County, Texas police.

DC cop busted for pimping out underage teenage girls

Fired Baltimore police office indicted on charges of running prostitution service, pimping out his wife and 2 other prostitutes to 300 customers. 8/16/2013

Black Baltimore City Cop  and 19 year old caucasian wife busted for prostitution/ human trafficking.  Ad was on wife was busted at BWI hotel, with Husband cop waiting for her. 5/10/2013

Virginia Police Sergeant busted

Prostitution has always existed and will likely always exist. Despite a societal emphasis on monogamy or polygyny, and despite the criminalization of the industry, the profession persists all over the world. In the places where prostitution is legal, sex workers have more rights. They can expect the cooperation of law enforcement when they are the victims of robbery or assault. They are regulated by laws that require their regular medical testing for public safety in many countries. They can even unionize.

Any rational thinking person can clearly see the benefits of legalized prostitution.

Why is it illegal to pay for something that is perfectly legal to give away for free?

It's irrational in the extreme.
Though opponents of legalized prostitution may register complaints rooted in public health or their interpretation of human sexual dignity, moral arguments are never far behind. Logically, prostitution is not morally different from the production of pornography; an industry that is legal, unionized and regulated. Through that regulation, the state ensures that no minors act in pornographic films and can even insist on condom use in scenes of intercourse.

Legalizing prostitution could remove the need for pimps. It could help law enforcement prosecute human trafficking more efficiently and remove thousands of children from terrible exploitative positions without sentencing them to detention. It could create a legal market for those who solicit sexual services but not enforce the misery of others. If we can look past our antiquated morality, we could see the wisdom of this change.

1. It can be taxed
2. It can be regulated
3. Sex workers can be screened for diseases
4. It would cut the economics right out from under organized crime.
5. For many unskilled/uneducated would give them a way to support themselves legally
6. As long as there are men and women...there will be men willing to pay...and women willing to accept money for sex. To think otherwise is delusional.

We can no longer in good conscience trust the politicians, the corporations or the pigs to police themselves.

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