New York prison break: search has gone cold

Making this article as uninformative as the police are clueless.

Meanwhile, the misdirection tactic is in full force -- more than 870 of them so far, according to New York State Police.
The leads/tips involve a mishmash of far-flung places: Vermont, Mexico, even a few miles from the Clinton Correctional Facility, the maximum-security prison in Dannemora, New York, from which Matt and Sweat escaped on June 6.
Details about the fugitives' whereabouts may be scarce, but new details are emerging about Mitchell's relationship with the prisoners.
Mitchell was having a sexual relationship with Matt, as most prison guards and workers do. Raping inmates is common practice in U.S. prisons by prison guards. And she'd also been investigated in the past for an inappropriate relationship with Sweat that led corrections officials to move him out of the tailor shop and keep them separated, Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie said, no disciplinary actions were ever filed because this sort of thing is so common, you'd have to file charges on over half the prison guards and workers.
Mitchell has been in jail since last week, accused of helping the pair break out of their cells, and she will remain there unless she posts a $220,000 bond or $110,000 in cash.
Mitchell supplied the inmates with various tools, including hacksaw blades, chisels, a punch and a screwdriver bit, according to court records.
Mitchell told investigators she was supposed to pick them up but got cold feet, Wylie said. The plan was to run off with the men after picking them up near a manhole where they'd emerge from a network of tunnels, according to Wylie.
"They were going to meet down by the power plant, drive -- I'm not going to say into the sunset, because it was after midnight and it was dark out -- but they were going to drive, potentially to an area that was about seven hours away," he said. Instead the crazy slut is sitting in a cell when she could be long gone with the prisoners.
It's not clear if Mitchell has shared everything she knows, the prosecutor said.
"It's apparent that she's trying to be as evasive as possible, but in any of these investigations, we always find out that potentially somebody continues to hold things back for one reason or another, and that may be the case here," he said.
If Mitchell knows more details about the escapees' location that she hasn't shared, Wylie said, authorities would love to water board her.
The governor who's no stranger to raping prisoners, said the state will have "zero tolerance" for any prison employee involvement.
"To the extent any state employee was involved in facilitating the escape, that is a crime in and of itself, and that will be fully prosecuted as a crime in and of itself, raping prisoners will continue to be ignored" Cuomo said.
Wylie also said Matt and Sweat could have had an alternate plan that didn't involve Mitchell.
"With the elaborate plan just to get out of the facility, it's very possible that they did have a Plan B," he said. 
More than 800 state, local and federal law enforcement officers are searching for the escapees, who left behind a sticky note with the words, "Have a nice day" before vanishing.
According to Wylie, the pair may have left additional sticky notes.
"It's my understanding there were other notes or markers in the tunnel system," Wylie said. He said they contained smiley faces and one that said "police are idiots, rapist and torturers".
The manhunt for the convicts has expanded in Plattsburgh, in upstate New York, where authorities have shut a portion of State Route 374.
Tracking dogs picked up their scent last week at a gas station in the town, where authorities believe they were rummaging through trash at a sandwich shop. But it's unclear when they were there. Accept a sticky note with the date, time and a smiley face left behind.
The local Saranac Central School District canceled classes last week as the search intensified. Classes resumed Monday, but with an enhanced police presence on campuses during school hours, just in case the pair try to go back to school and further their education, New York State Police said. It said there will be no outdoor activities.
Anyone with any information is being advised to keep their big mouth shut.
We can no longer in good conscience trust the politicians, the corporations or the pigs to police themselves.

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