By Christopher Rice

Why do you run an escort site? To catch politicians and police officers who write and up hold our laws and expect us to obey them when they don't. Also, it brings in the most revenue.

Why are you still publishing torture pictures from 13 years ago? We were lucky that dumb cowboy had every one record every criminal act because all that we need to do is keep it in everyone's face every single day until they are so sick of looking at it that the only way to make it go away is to lock up the President.

Why do you have so many ads? To pay my bills.

Why do you have sex ads and pot ads? They make money, I've got bills to pay. The only people complaining about the weed ads are people who don't get high, consequently, they're uptight and complain about everything. I assume the people that complain about the sex ads pry can't get laid to save their lives and are consequently very uptight and complain about everything, also. I highly recommend smoking some weed and getting laid more often. 

Why are there so many articles about prostitutes on your site? According to my stats only about one hundred people a day, search anything political to find my site and sadly some of those people are searching for "anal rape" and end up reading about us torturing Iraqi's. On the other hand, I've received ten thousand hits a day from prostitution searches, so why not educate the audience that you've captured?

What is your strategy? See Q/A #1 and #2, some programs we are running are so obvious that I can talk about them, openly. We are not waiting on what the government will do next, we don't need to play wait and see because we already know it will be all bad. Instead we are setting up snares, bobby traps and openly attacking the system.

Our latest program http://www.copsrcorrupt.com/ is designed to keep people out of jails and prisons, an open attack on the prison industrial complex. If we can get this information into the average Joe's hands and teach him how to beat the police, I believe that is the single most revolutionary act that we can commit, to show the sheep and the herd that the system can be defeated.
How did you first get into politics? Penthouse, I use to read my dads porn and the publisher at Penthouse regularly published articles on our foreign policies that he strongly disagreed with. At the time we were supporting dictators like Pinochet and Saddam, I was about twelve or thirteen.

How old are you now? 48

Is age a factor? Not yet.

So you're an activist? No. My government chose to openly attack me by first declaring a war on drugs, then a war on the middle class. These wars are real and are fought every day. The government has the armed forces, police, sheriffs, border patrol, DA's, the laws, courts and judges all on their side. And the police train every day to lock people like me away for smoking a joint. And the war goes into my employment and follows me everywhere because I must pass a drug test just to work at a damn gas station. So no, I am not an activist, I am an ordinary citizen defending himself against a tyrannical government attempting to infringe on my personal liberty and my right to life, liberty and happiness. I am a reluctant soldier in a war that has been forced upon me and so I live in constant fear of my own government and am unemployable. 

You're an anarchist? Yes, governments are not necessary, the Native Americans and the Amish have proved that. You don't see any homeless Amish or illiterate Amish? Yet they have no courts, no cops, no laws and no government. I am not advocating becoming Amish or Native, just that obviously, any rational thinking person can see that there are better ways to run a society than the way that we currently do.

Some of your titles seem to be click bait? It's really difficult, you spend enormous amounts of time researching and writing an article then sourcing the info and when you're all done you put a descriptive title on your article and no one even opens it. Then you crap some article out without even thinking and every one and their mom is reading it. The cold hard fact is that unless you have a flashy title, no one will open and read what is inside.

So why post your own articles on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter? Even though my articles have been reposted in over 200 countries and on thousands of blogs, websites, cable networks and even newspapers I'm still not Time magazine, most of my time is spent doing self promotion. Because too much info just sits on the net and never gets seen, not because of its quality but because of its search engine ranking which up until now has been controlled by Google.

What happened to General Strike to end Corruption? Why did you shorten it to Strike to end Corruption? It follows the same strategy outlined above, I'm not writing for activist any more, they've chosen their camp and they should already know what's on and crackin'. My writing now will focus on helping the average Joe stay out of jail, I think the name change was appropriate. 
What kind of Direct Actions are you currently supporting or advocating? Only those with proven results. We are no longer satisfied with some weekend protest that accomplishes nothing, instead those protest are now being used as a distraction while the real action takes place un hindered by LE because they are too pre occupied with the distraction/protest. 
You've suggested that anarchist could disrupt and even stop the 2016 elections, are you planning something and if so what? Many programs have been set in place to hold mass protest against both political parties and that includes civil disobedience to halt the elections and force a free and fair election without corporate influence/money. Some of these programs will succeed but unfortunately we don't have enough ground troops in every state yet.

That sounds extremely ambitious? Yes, well the stakes are high and the enemy is ferocious. We can beg for crumbs and hope for the best or we can take our best shot, but if you have to shoot, always aim to kill.

We can no longer in good conscience trust the politicians, the corporations or the pigs to police themselves.

Resist tyranny. There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty:  soap, ballot, jury and the cartridge box.  

Most of the news you receive comes from Six Mega corporations that have BANNED this info. 
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