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In the FBI's relentless pursuit to keep the country safe from the most dangerous terrorist, two Animal Rights activist (Jay N Silent Bob) were arrested and charged with Terrorism

The Associated Press

Two animal-rights activists have been charged with terrorizing the fur industry during cross-country road trips in which they released about 5,740 mink from farms, and vandalized the homes and businesses of industry members, the FBI said Friday.

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Joseph Brian Buddenberg, 31, and Nicole Juanita Kissane, 28, both of Oakland, California, and federal prosecutors charged them with conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

A federal grand jury indictment unsealed Friday said the two caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages during 40,000 miles of cross-country trips over the summer and into the fall of 2013. "Whatever your feelings about the fur industry, there are legal ways to make your opinions known," U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said in a statement. "The conduct alleged here, sneaking around at night, stealing property and vandalizing homes and businesses with acid, glue, and chemica…

Update We're back in business, boys!

By Christopher Rice

Update: Last week some punk ([–]sighbourbon) on Reddit reported this blog as being in violation of Blogger/Google terms of service. Because he disagreed with an article that I wrote. Google automatically deleted this blog. Upon further review, Google has notified me that this blog is not in any violation and therefore has been restored.

Incase you punk pieces of shit missed it I Love Haters. Even wrote a piece just for you. And for anyone who missed it, here it is again:

We're back in business boys!

The time for marches and peaceful demonstrations is over!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Julian Assange, they fought back. Not with traditional weapons, but they fought back.

Did you vote for a war on drugs?

Or for violent, militarized police?

Did you vote for stings on prostitutes?

Did you vote for an illegal "war on terrorism" to violate my Constitutional rights and spy on everyone?

Did you vote for a class war, border war, drug war?

War, war, war, plent…

Bitcoin: The Future of the Oldest Profession?

By Jose Fermoso

You can find Liara Roux online, posing in lingerie as she rolls between sheets or stretches into erotic poses. She says she’s a student looking for a “little fun on the side,” and lets readers know she keeps herself “au natural.” Based in San Francisco, but available to travel nearly anywhere, she charges $1,100 for two hours and $4,000 for eight. “If you are interested in adding another woman or man to the mix, please don’t hesitate to let me know!” she adds. 
Of course, payment is expected promptly, be it cash, credit card or … Bitcoin.
Bitcoin. Is there anything it can’t be used for? Six years after its release, the digital currency has crept into the nether-regions of the global economy — the multibillion-dollar sex industry. Bitcoin is now a payment option at escort ad services like Backpage and Luxury Escorts International, while a small but growing number of independent escorts consider it a currency of choice. Their reasons vary. Liara…

MyRedBook R.I.P.

By Christopher R Rice
We are at war. County after county has declared a war on prostitutes. They were so successful with their war on drugs they thought they needed something new to justify their over bloated budgets. Claiming to be protecting children they have decided to use the same failed tactics they used in their war on drugs and have issued a "Zero Tolerance" warning to all you ho's and johns.

I've looked at all of the prostitution stings they keep running on the evening news and it's always consenting adults, where are the children? First, they bullied Craigslist into removing their "Adult/escort section", then they seized MyRedBook and arrested its owners.

FromSFWeekly: MyRedbook was seized by the FBI in a June raid that sent a ripple of fear throughout the West Coast sex industry. MyRedbook hosted ads for escorts throughout California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington free of charge, which distinguished the site from it…

What makes America #1?

By Christopher R Rice
Updated 07/13/2015

All of my life and probably all of your life, I've heard and I'm sure that you've heard that America is #1, turns out though, that is a lie.

But the U.S. is the greatest country in the world, right? Wrong again.

USA Ranking on Adult Literacy Scale: #9

USA Ranking on Healthcare Quality Index: #37

USA Ranking of Student Reading Ability: #12

USA Ranking of Student Problem Solving Ability: #26

USA Ranking on Women's Rights Scale: #17

USA Ranking on Life Expectancy: #29

Expose: Killings by Police: Black males 21 times more likely to be killed than white males in US

By Don Wycliff

Yes, Eric Garner could have simply complied with the commands of the New York City cops trying to arrest him and been alive today. Doing time for selling "loosies," perhaps, but alive. Maybe.

Yes, Michael Brown could have obeyed Officer Darren Wilson's command to get off the street and been alive today. Awaiting trial for strong-arm robbery, perhaps, but alive. Maybe.

Problem is, complying with police commands doesn't seem to guarantee you won't get shot at, choked or killed. At least if you are a black male. And assuming you get the chance to comply at all.

Remember the police dashcam video of that driver who was pulled over in September for a seat belt violation in Columbia, S.C.? Asked for his license and registration, he turned to retrieve it from his SUV and was fired upon — and wounded — by the screaming state trooper who had stopped him. The trooper said he thought the fellow was reaching for a weapon.

For more -CopsRCorrupt

And what about young T…