Are police officers allowed to lie to you? Yes the Supreme Court has ruled that police officers can lie to the American people. Police officers are trained at lying, twisting words and being manipulative. Police officers and other law enforcement agents are very skilled at getting information from people. So don’t try to “out smart” a police officer and don’t try being a “smooth talker” because you will lose! If you can keep your mouth shut, you just might come out ahead more than you expected.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

In the FBI's relentless pursuit to keep the country safe from the most dangerous terrorist, two Animal Rights activist (Jay N Silent Bob) were arrested and charged with Terrorism

The Associated Press

Two animal-rights activists have been charged with terrorizing the fur industry during cross-country road trips in which they released about 5,740 mink from farms, and vandalized the homes and businesses of industry members, the FBI said Friday.

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Joseph Brian Buddenberg, 31, and Nicole Juanita Kissane, 28, both of Oakland, California, and federal prosecutors charged them with conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

A federal grand jury indictment unsealed Friday said the two caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages during 40,000 miles of cross-country trips over the summer and into the fall of 2013.
"Whatever your feelings about the fur industry, there are legal ways to make your opinions known," U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said in a statement. "The conduct alleged here, sneaking around at night, stealing property and vandalizing homes and businesses with acid, glue, and chemicals, is a form of domestic terrorism and can't be permitted to continue."
Buddenberg and Kissane were under house arrest with electronic monitoring until a scheduled court date Tuesday.
If convicted, they each face a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
The two allegedly sneaked onto farms in Idaho, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota and freed mink and destroyed breeding records. In one case, they released a bobcat from a farm in Montana, according to the FBI.
They allegedly slashed vehicles' tires, glued businesses' locks or smashed windows, vandalizing property in San Diego, Spring Valley and La Mesa, California. They are also charged with vandalizing and attempting to flood the Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, home of an employee of the North American Fur Auctions.
The indictment states that they covered their tracks by avoiding phones or logging into known online accounts and email. Instead, they used public computers and encrypted email, and cash for purchases while traveling. They would withdraw hundreds of dollars while home in the San Francisco Bay Area before another trip, prosecutors said.
The FBI states that they drafted communiques and posted them online to publicize their actions on websites associated with "animal rights extremists."

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Update We're back in business, boys!

By Christopher Rice

Update: Last week some punk ([–]sighbourbon) on Reddit reported this blog as being in violation of Blogger/Google terms of service. Because he disagreed with an article that I wrote. Google automatically deleted this blog. Upon further review, Google has notified me that this blog is not in any violation and therefore has been restored.

Incase you punk pieces of shit missed it I Love Haters. Even wrote a piece just for you. And for anyone who missed it, here it is again:

We're back in business boys!

The time for marches and peaceful demonstrations is over!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Julian Assange, they fought back. Not with traditional weapons, but they fought back.

Did you vote for a war on drugs?

Or for violent, militarized police?

Did you vote for stings on prostitutes?

Did you vote for an illegal "war on terrorism" to violate my Constitutional rights and spy on everyone?
Did you vote for a class war, border war, drug war?

War, war, war, plenty of money for war but still can't feed the poor.
If you really want "change", civil disobedience confronts unjust laws and changes them.

How? By breaking them!
Won't you go to jail? Yep.

Demonstrations and protest have no effect.

I told ya'll what this was all about when I first came out. But everyone had to open their mouth and try to ban Underground America Inc.
Not only have we beaten your weak ass stings. We are now doing stings on the police!

So this is how we'll do this- Fuck the Attorney General, fuck your stings, fuck your drug war and if you want to be down with the government then fuck you too.

Not only will we say fuck da police, but we will also teach everyone how.

Ban me, try it. You might just start a riot!

Lets talk strategy. Our campaign: make it hurt for them to hold on to power.

Banks, the C.I.A. and the whole system is dependent on the immense drug profits that flow in daily, what if we could interrupt and even stop that flow of capital?

What if we did stings on the police and catch them in the act with their pants down?

What if we could cause a run on the banks?

What if we attacked the puppets everywhere they went?

What if we got off the defense and went on the offense?

And turn this B.S. they pull on us, on them!

We're back in business, boys!

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Bitcoin: The Future of the Oldest Profession?

By Jose Fermoso

You can find Liara Roux online, posing in lingerie as she rolls between sheets or stretches into erotic poses. She says she’s a student looking for a “little fun on the side,” and lets readers know she keeps herself “au natural.” Based in San Francisco, but available to travel nearly anywhere, she charges $1,100 for two hours and $4,000 for eight. “If you are interested in adding another woman or man to the mix, please don’t hesitate to let me know!” she adds. 

Of course, payment is expected promptly, be it cash, credit card or … Bitcoin.

Bitcoin. Is there anything it can’t be used for? Six years after its release, the digital currency has crept into the nether-regions of the global economy — the multibillion-dollar sex industry. Bitcoin is now a payment option at escort ad services like Backpage and Luxury Escorts International, while a small but growing number of independent escorts consider it a currency of choice. Their reasons vary. Liara Roux (that’s her nom de bizness) had long nursed an interest in cryptography, and when she began escorting, “accepted bitcoin right from the get-go.” Another “elite international companion” tells OZY that bitcoin doesn’t necessarily save her transaction costs, but that she accepts bitcoin “as a courtesy and for its international appeal.”  

Indeed, for many escorts these days, bitcoin just makes good business sense. It allows them to offer their clients something more widely coveted than all the fetish objects in the world: discretion. A lot more of it than cash or credit cards, anyway. Because bitcoin scatters information across the Web, transactions are effectively opaque, and so are the identities of the people making and receiving them. Accepting bitcoin allows escorts to broaden their client base much the way that accepting, say, MasterCard expands the client base of a bricks-and-mortar retailer. 

But discretion has its downsides, especially in sex work. While some independent, “high-end” escorts say they feel safer transacting on bitcoin than, say, carrying around a pile of cash, law enforcement officials say the spread of bitcoin poses dangers to the most vulnerable sex workers. Bitcoin, of course, has been a boon for all sorts of nefarious activity, from drug dealing to human trafficking — the authorities can’t easily follow a money trail. Indeed, officials in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area tell us they’re worried that bitcoin shields abusers. “It’s keeping us from keeping victims safe,” says Paola Estanislao, deputy district attorney of Santa Clara County. She specializes in human trafficking. 

By some estimates, an average of $50 million in bitcoin trade takes place per day. The currency is based on a peer-to-peer system where users can make direct, instant transactions, and because there’s no mediator to regulate transactions — like a bank that’s backed by the FDIC — some observers worry about the possibility of fraud. Yet supporters argue that transactions are inherently safe because payments are verified, self-regulated by the network and listed on a publicly available digital ledger called the blockchain. Indeed, even mainstream companies like Overstock and Dell are partnering with bitcoin exchanges to accept it, which attests to its “safe transaction infrastructure,” says bitcoin expert Todd Shipley.

The blockchain ledger might be public, but it’s massive (more than 35 gigabytes at time of writing) and transactions are quasi-anonymous. Sifting through it all would require far more resources than the average DA’s office — let alone suspicious spouse — could muster. That’s a very valuable perk for philanderers, as well as anyone who wants to keep their books hidden from the authorities.

Indeed, escort services in cities rife with corruption could find bitcoin useful for avoiding the watchful eyes of police officers looking for bribes, according to a spokesman for Bangkok Happytime, one of Thailand’s first bitcoin escort agencies. Bitcoin can be a pain to pay taxes on, but Liara Roux notes that she reports all her bitcoin proceeds to the IRS with the help of a dominatrix who is also a CPA. 

Yet the currency’s spread could also make it harder for law enforcement to thwart human traffickers and bust up their networks. While Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other groups told OZY that they didn’t know enough about bitcoin to judge whether it was good or bad for sex workers’ rights, some who fight trafficking and abuse are very wary. Bitcoin is so new that police departments, trained mostly to go after social network predators, are playing cryptocurrency catch-up, says Estanislao, the Santa Clara County prosecutor. Besides, bitcoin has challenged traditional procedures and rules. For instance, hauling someone into court is difficult “because you need evidence at hand to serve subpoenas,” says Estanislao. 

For independent escorts and those at high-end agencies, however, bitcoin is a net positive, with clear appeal. Except for one thing, notes Liara Roux. A few of her clients have found it tricky to use the newfangled currency, she says, which is a bummer. “Troubleshooting technical problems with them distracts from our time together,” she says.

Source: YahooNews

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MyRedBook R.I.P.

By Christopher R Rice

We are at war. County after county has declared a war on prostitutes. They were so successful with their war on drugs they thought they needed something new to justify their over bloated budgets. Claiming to be protecting children they have decided to use the same failed tactics they used in their war on drugs and have issued a "Zero Tolerance" warning to all you ho's and johns.

I've looked at all of the prostitution stings they keep running on the evening news and it's always consenting adults, where are the children? First, they bullied Craigslist into removing their "Adult/escort section", then they seized MyRedBook and arrested its owners.

From SFWeekly: MyRedbook was seized by the FBI in a June raid that sent a ripple of fear throughout the West Coast sex industry. MyRedbook hosted ads for escorts throughout California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington free of charge, which distinguished the site from its competitors.

Related article: How to verify an escort is not a cop

Annmarie Lanoce, one of the alleged operators of the escort advertising website pleaded guilty in federal court today on charges of managing the website which facilitated prostitution.

From SCMagazine: On Thursday, the FBI announced that Eric Omuro, also known as “Red,” admitted to hosting ads on his website for sexual services. Feds noted that the action “represents the first federal conviction of a website operator for facilitation of prostitution.”

Related article: Cops busted in prostitution stings 

Omuro was sentenced to 13 months in a federal prison, and under the terms of a plea agreement, he has agreed to surrender the domain names myRedBook[.]com and sfredbook[.]com. In addition, he must forfeit more than $1.28 million in cash and property linked to the illegal activity. 

Redbook was seen by people that use those services (both as a customer and vendor) as a safe way to conduct their transactions, very similar to Silkroad.
Related article: Sex/Escort Codes and abbreviations 

LE did not stop prostitution from happening, they simply made it more dangerous for both the consumer and the supplier. 
What we need is a completely decentralized, encrypted and anonymous system for these types of services (Open Bazaar). This is one reason the government is pushing so hard to eliminate the possibility of normal people using encryption.

Related article: Backpage arrest and public humiliation (LE's Final Solution)

Recently as last week the war was raging on as strong as ever, between LE and A sheriff in Chicago convinced Visa and Master Card to stop transactions for Backpage. Bitcoin is accepted on the site but Backpage responded by making all of their paid ads free.

This is what we need cops for? Sure there are examples of pimps horribly abusing girls, but this could be eliminated if it wasn't illegal and had to be conducted in the shadows. Nevada's legal brothels have no underage girls, no STDs and no abused girls. I thought we were at risk from outside infiltrators bent on our destruction. This is where we should allocate our law-enforcement assets? Our politicians pimp for weapons manufacturers which kill millions. Likewise irresponsible drug companies. It's funny what some people find necessary to get outraged about.

Related article: Sites other than MyRedbooks/Craigslist/Backpage:

The only reason it's illegal is 'cause government can't tax is porn legal?  Get paid to have sex and video tape it and it's legal, why? Because that's taxable...if the government can't tax it than it's illegal.

Legalizing prostitution could remove the need for pimps. It could help law enforcement prosecute human trafficking more efficiently and remove thousands of children from terrible exploitative positions without sentencing them to detention. It could create a legal market for those who solicit sexual services but not enforce the misery of others. If we can look past our antiquated morality, we could see the wisdom of this change.

It can be taxed
It can be regulated
Sex workers can be screened for diseases
It would cut the economics right out from under organized crime.
For many unskilled/uneducated would give them a way to support themselves legally
6. As long as there are men and women...there will be men willing to pay...and women willing to accept money for sex. To think otherwise is delusional.

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What makes America #1?

By Christopher R Rice
Updated 07/13/2015

All of my life and probably all of your life, I've heard and I'm sure that you've heard that America is #1, turns out though, that is a lie.

But the U.S. is the greatest country in the world, right? Wrong again.
USA Ranking on Adult Literacy Scale: #9

USA Ranking on Healthcare Quality Index: #37

USA Ranking of Student Reading Ability: #12

USA Ranking of Student Problem Solving Ability: #26

USA Ranking on Women's Rights Scale: #17

USA Ranking on Life Expectancy: #29

USA Ranking on Journalistic Press Freedom Index: #32

USA Ranking on Political Corruption Index: #17

USA Ranking on Quality of Life Survey: #13

USA Ranking on Infant Mortality Rate: #32


Does America have the best doctors, hospitals or health care on the planet?

Don't people flock here to get treated? No and No.

How about the highest standard of living?

Again no.

America is the champion of freedom and civil rights, aren't we? Actually, America only has about 5% of the world's population and yet locks up over 25% of the world's population. 

Anyone remember when politicians use to promise us energy independence? In 2015 America became the world's largest oil producer and yet Americans are paying 3 to 5 dollars a gallon and home heating cost are up as well.

We're told that 4 dollars a gallon is necessary to make fracking profitable. And that multi billion dollar companies must be given public lands, our national resources to make new drilling profitable. On top of that we're told that we must also give profitable oil companies tax cuts and million dollar tax rebates.
I don't buy it!


First, we are expected to believe that the Navy, the Coast Guard, the Marines,  Air force, Border Patrol, DEA, DHS, FBI, Highway Patrol, State police, local police, undercover police and on and on can not stop the flow of drugs into this country or even into a maximum security prison?

Second, you are expected to believe that the only way to handle drugs is through prohibition or legalization with treatment or incarceration.

I don't buy it!


Put your money in a bank. That's the safest place, right? Sure, it is safer than stuffing it under your mattress. Or is it? "Savings accounts are the equivalent of modern-day mattress stuffing," says Elle Kaplan, CEO of Lexion Capital Management, a New York City-based asset management firm. "Savings accounts cause you to lose money over time because their low interest rates do not keep pace with inflation."

Cardone says this myth stems from a time when our grandparents or parents were able to put money in a bank account and get a hefty return. This is no longer true.

"Your parents would earn more in one month than you could earn the entire year (in interest)," he says. It's immoral, America can't even run an honest banking system.

I don't buy it!!


Americans have 4 months of their pay taken in taxes every year and that's been true under Republican or Democrat administrations.

Every year you lose 4 months of your pay to sales taxes, phone taxes, gas taxes, liquor, property, federal, and state taxes. Yet you still have the worst public schools of any industrialized nation.

If the most profitable multinational corporations on the planet weren't being given tax cuts and tax rebate checks from the federal government and had to pay their fair share, we would not have deficits. We would have the money for modern roads, modern schools and hospitals and you could keep some of your hard earned money in your pockets instead of having to fork it over to Uncle Sam.

Their solution... raise taxes and cut Social security to give profitable corporations tax rebate checks.

I don't buy it!!

END DEFICIT SPENDING (once and for all)

Make it illegal.

Politicians should only be allowed to spend the amount they collect. In case of an emergency this law can not be broken or bent. It should be required that politicians come before the people and ask for a tax increase whenever the government needs more funds than expected. No more deficit spending for federal, state or city governments.

Profitable corporations need to start paying their fair share and stop taking government subsides, tax rebates and tax shelters/loopholes.

Every administration claims to be making cuts to defense spending and yet every year the military budget gets bigger and bigger.
I don't but it!!


Protect our borders. There is no logical explanation why after 9/11 we have not secured our borders.

Their solution is to build a magical fence.

I don't buy it!!


We should scrap our out dated over priced education system. Germany, like most industrialized countries pays half what we pay for education and their kids are better educated. Public schooling needs to guarantee more than a 50% success rate or be defunded. 

They claim, no child left behind.

I don't buy it!!


Politician is not an occupation. Politicians need to be held to one term.

Drug test the President. With a history of poor judgment and performance on behalf of our elected politicians we need to demand that mandatory drug testing be imposed upon all members of the Congress, Senate, Supreme Court and White House. Average citizens are forced/required to take and pass a drug test to work in a gas station--so why not those who want to legislate laws that we all have to live by?

Our political process should not be funded by corporations or secret PACs.

Television stations currently receive a huge tax break from our congress. They are not taxed for air time and in exchange television stations are suppose to provide so many hours of public broadcasting. I think that tax break should be abolished or in exchange television stations could give candidates equal air time which would replace the need for corporate donors.

They claim the system is broke and their doing the best job possible.

I don't buy it!!


Criminalizing drugs has not kept them out of the hands of anyone. Drugs have even been found in our elementary schools. The war on drugs is a monumental failure that's cost us not just money and lives but our freedom as well.

Politicians should defend your freedom, it's their job and sworn duty. What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes should be no one's business but their own.

They claim to be winning the war on drugs. (Even though drugs are cheaper and more potent than ever before).

I don't buy it!!


If you are old enough to join the Army, go off to war and give your life for your country and are also old enough to be tried as an adult if arrested and also old enough to vote, you should also be old enough to buy a beer.

The government claims to be protecting you but I don't buy it!!

I'm sure that if any other viable alternative existed that you wouldn't buy it either, who would, unless they were forced. Which is where we find ourselves, forced to choose between one corrupt party or the other. They offer the same failed policies of the last 50 years. No solutions for our schools, economy, infrastructure or any number of problems facing this once great nation.

Anyone reading this who agrees with these principals and wants to see our current political system replaced needs only to repost this article into their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon. Then, copy, paste, print and distribute. 

And share this URL:

Post it in blogs and forums, email it to your friends, post it in comments.

Next time you hear a Republican or a Democrat giving a speech, just yell out, at the top of your lungs: I don't buy it!

TwitterBomb- Use:
Hashtag #Not#1
Hashtag #DontBuyIt

READ MORE- Revolution

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Expose: Killings by Police: Black males 21 times more likely to be killed than white males in US


Yes, Eric Garner could have simply complied with the commands of the New York City cops trying to arrest him and been alive today. Doing time for selling "loosies," perhaps, but alive. Maybe.

Yes, Michael Brown could have obeyed Officer Darren Wilson's command to get off the street and been alive today. Awaiting trial for strong-arm robbery, perhaps, but alive. Maybe.

Problem is, complying with police commands doesn't seem to guarantee you won't get shot at, choked or killed. At least if you are a black male. And assuming you get the chance to comply at all.

Remember the police dashcam video of that driver who was pulled over in September for a seat belt violation in Columbia, S.C.? Asked for his license and registration, he turned to retrieve it from his SUV and was fired upon — and wounded — by the screaming state trooper who had stopped him. The trooper said he thought the fellow was reaching for a weapon.

For more - CopsRCorrupt

And what about young Tamir Rice, shot to death in Cleveland last month by police who came barreling into the public park where Tamir was waving his pellet gun. The officer fired on him within two seconds of arrival. Imagine how you would react if a police car came charging at you like a bat out of hell. And assume — you have to assume it because the video suggests it couldn't really have been so — that the officer really did order you twice to drop your weapon.

And then imagine you are 12 years old, as Tamir was. What chance would you have had?

Even being handcuffed and subdued seems not to be a guarantee of survival. In New Iberia, La., Victor White was cuffed with his hands behind his back and stowed in the back seat of a police car. There, according to the police, he somehow managed to obtain a gun and commit suicide by shooting himself — in the chest. Really?

The common denominator among all these victims, of course, is that they were black and male. And a young black male, the website ProPublica recently reported after an analysis of federal data on killings by police, is 21 times more likely to be the victim of such a killing than is a young white male.

And speaking of young white males, Eric Frein, who allegedly shot one Pennsylvania state trooper to death from ambush, critically wounded another and then eluded a manhunt for 48 days — well, Eric Frein was captured alive and is currently enjoying taxpayer-funded food and shelter while awaiting trial.

In New Hampshire, young white males went on a rampage this fall at an annual pumpkin festival, but nary a shot was fired nor a life lost. And while white men exercise their rights to openly carry heavy-duty firearms in stores and other public places, unmolested by the authorities, a black man toting a toy rifle through the aisles of an Ohio retail store is fatally gunned down by the police, apparently without even so much as a warning.

It's that finding by ProPublica that sticks in the mind. Something is terribly amiss in our society. It's true: Any one of these cases of extraordinary police aggression against a black man could be explained away as an unfortunate accident, an understandable instance of overreaction by men who truly do put their lives on the line every day to protect us. I wouldn't want to live in a society without such protectors.

But a killing differential of 21 to 1? That's no unfortunate accident. To argue that it is, as an old friend used to say, is "like pissing on my head and telling me it's raining."

Forty-five years ago last Thursday — Dec. 4, 1969 — a squad of Chicago police officers staged an infamous raid on the West Side headquarters of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party and slew two members of the group: Fred Hampton and Mark Clark.

For more - CopsRCorrupt

That case became emblematic nationwide of what many black activists argued was a police war on black men. But a war usually involves aggression by both sides, one against the other. In this war, the aggression lately seems to go almost entirely in one direction — and without regard for whether the person being warred against is armed or not.

What is it about black men that makes them seem uniquely threatening to the police? It's a question to which police departments — and the politicians who ostensibly control them — ought to be devoting a great deal of time and soul-searching.

Source: ChicagoTribune

Don Wycliff is a former journalist and editor of the book "Black Domers: Seventy Years at Notre Dame."

Editors note: It's not just LE, it's judges, bosses and the whole damn system....

The United States, which makes up roughly 5 percent of the world’s population, houses about 25 percent of the world’s prisoners.

Black male offenders receive 20 per cent longer sentences than white male offenders committing the same crimes.

Americans are racist, sexist, homophobic, child molesters. And because I'm white these crazy crackers come up to me spewin' their racist nonsense.

Americans are stupid backwards hillbillies that think that they know it all, what assholes. And since they don't like the message I deliver they try to shoot, ban, discredit the messenger, fuck you. I'm going to keep the truth in your face. It may be hard to see through the smoke from all the books and CDs that you like to burn but one thing ya'll can count on is that when I got somethin' to say, I'm going to say it loud.

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