A Hooker was Murdered, Is Backpage.com to blame?

By Christopher Rice

These (see article below) are the same AG's (Attorney General's) who attacked Craigslist and said that if Craigslist would just remove escort ads from their site that escorts would just disappear. It didn't work then and removing escort ads from Backpage won't make escorts disappear now, either.

You can drive it back underground, where LE will have a much harder time rescuing those escorts who are truly abused, but PROSTITUTION is not going away.

Just like 30 plus years of a war on drugs has not stopped drug use or even slowed the amount of drugs coming into this country. All LE has done is to insure that violence rules these markets. We don't have gangsters like Al Capone in the alcohol business any more because we regulate it and made it legal. How stupid are voters any ways? When will they acknowledge the damage that they have done by voting in these law and order zealots. Will the voters ever take responsibility for all the blood that is on their hands by making drugs and prostitution illegal and keeping it in the hands of gangsters?

Here's the Attorney General's (AG) article: 

By: Bob McGovern

An escort was killed in a Burlington hotel, children have vanished, and yet men seeking prostitutes can still set up a rendezvous with minors with a 
couple of clicks.

It all could have been avoided if Backpage had simply removed its “adults section,” according to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey. The site’s sexual advertisements have gone 
unchecked because federal 
law shields Backpage from 

So Healey is attacking in one of the few places Backpage is vulnerable — the court of public opinion.

“Behind every posting on that site is someone’s mother, sister or daughter. So many of them are dealing with serious addiction issues and they’re being kept there by pimps and traffickers,” Healey told me yesterday. “We need to get after the Johns and the pimps, but we also need companies like Backpage to stop being part of the problem.”

Healey is calling on the classified ad site to follow Craigslist and take down its sex trade ads. Her predecessor, Martha Coakley, played a key role in forcing Craigslist’s hand and also took aim at Backpage in 2011.

But unlike Craigslist, Backpage has continued to fight. The site had laws thrown out in Washington state, Tennessee and New Jersey that would have held it criminally liable for its ads. It also recently won a local federal case involving women who said “they were molested and repeatedly raped after being advertised as sexual wares” on Backpage.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Sterns dismissed the case in May, citing the Communications Decency Act, and wrote, “Putting aside the moral judgment that one might pass on Backpage’s business practices, this court has no choice but to adhere to the law that Congress has seen fit to enact.”

That federal law protects websites when a third party produces the offending content. That law — and other constitutional defenses — have kept Backpage out of trouble.

Healey acknowledged the problem, but said the law is outdated.

“It is the case now that the law in certain instances is not where it needs to be in terms of keeping pace with technology,” she said. “The marketplace has moved from hard copy to the Internet. That’s the reality, and as is sometimes the case, the law doesn’t keep up with reality.”

Healey said she is “looking at our options.” During her short tenure as AG, more than 20 human trafficking cases have stemmed from Backpage ads.

“This is a website that facilitates and enables crime,” she said. “It is time for them to act responsibly and stop being part of the problem. They need to be part of the solution.”

Source: BostonHerald

Editors note: Maybe it is the law that is killing escorts and abusing children because everywhere that prostitution is legal there are no underage children or coercion or violence. Just look at alcohol prohibition, how many had to die before voters wised up and repealed the law?

How many more will have to die before we get rid of antiquated morality and legalize drugs and prostitution? And take the gangs and violence out???

Wake me up when we get there because I'm sick of living in a society that believes they are better than everyone else, think they know it all and claim to be helping you while they only line their own pockets and over bloated budgets.

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