Corporation VS the Everyday working man

Corporation VS the Everyday working man

Capital is international, the common people are patriotic. The capitalist has no country. He can move to whatever location suits him and take his wealth with him. He has no need to develop any loyalty to a nation.

Cultural globalization and economic globalization go hand in hand. The sole beneficiary of both is capital. The battle lines are forming: liberal, capitalist internationalists versus conservative, populist nationalists. Of course, at the moment the latter has yet to organize to the extent that the former has.

In truth, today’s Leftist elites are just as alienated from the working class as their putative enemies the plutocrats, and just as willing to replace them with more grateful peasants from the Third World.

The Right has thus far failed to seize an opportunity, out of what appears to be little more than mere snobbery. In “alternative” Right-wing circles, the Tea Party imagines themselves as aristocrats of the pen who refuse to consort with us peasants. 

The past has seen many movements that fought greed with patriotism.

The corporations have no interest in faith, family, tradition, or anything that speaks to the soul of common man. It is time for "we the people" to join hands with fighters against globalization, privatization, and plundering of the environment. To fight the forces of evil.

Resist tyranny. There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty:  soap, ballot, jury and the cartridge box.  

Most of the news you receive comes from Six Mega corporations that have BANNED this info.  

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