The Happy Home Wrecker

By Christopher Rice 

When you're out in public you see a lot of couples, some married, some with children. But you don't need to watch them for very long to know if they are in a loving, supportive relationship or not. 

How many times have you seen couples that make each other miserable, all the time. Even in public they cant show each other respect. There's no holding hands and only bickering, put downs and criticisms. Those relationships are bitter, painful, and can make you sick. (Marriage is the real conspiracy because you conspire against yourself.)

I'm dating a girl, who was in such a relationship, for 27 years. It had made her so sick that she had to take a handful of prescription medications every day. We just came from the doctors office and he was amazed because last year her numbers were through the roof, this year everything's normal. Meaning that even though she'll have type 2 diabetes her whole life, her sugar count is normal, her blood pressure's normal and she hasn't had to take any diabetes or any medications for the last two months. That is the difference between being in a loving, supportive and nurturing relationship and one that is dysfunctional abusive and disrespectful.

Some people choose to stay in such relationships for "the children" but by choosing to stay in an unhealthy relationship you make your own children sick and unhealthy. And even worse it teaches your children that they should accept any abuse from their spouse, when they marry.  

The best thing that two people can do when they find that they make each other miserable is to stop and separate. Go your separate ways.

Unfortunately break ups rarely go smoothly, usually because one person refuses to move on and even after the other person has left and moved on with their life the other person wants to continue to make the other one miserable and will go to great lengths to do so. Even to go as far as to use the children against the other parent. Since they refuse to move on they dwell in their own bitterness and sorrow and loss and will lash out like a child or wounded animal.

Trying to make their ex as miserable as they are. Never realizing that it was this same dysfunctional behavior that caused their spouse to be sick in the first place. Or that there's no way in hell that someone would go back to being sick and miserable again.

So if you find yourself in a dysfunctional, unloving, unsupportive relationship and the other person  refuses to get help or make any compromises then it's time to leave. You don't need to lower yourself to their level. Simply go on with the rest of your life and stay healthy and happy.

This advice is true for all relationships. The same goes for your family members. If your family is constantly making you miserable and sick and they are unsupportive it's best to just leave them alone because they aren't doing you any favors anyways.

For those of you who keep returning to your abusers... seek professional help immediately.

                                         The Happy Home Wrecker

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