UnHappy 4th from Riverside, CA

By Christopher Rice

No fireworks of any kind

No alcohol allowed

Celebrating your Independence from a tyrannical government will not be tolerated

 It's The Law

We will set up multiple checkpoints and it does not matter if you are driving or not, we can and will arrest you for:

Open Container
Drunk in public or
under the influence
being Latino
being black
being poor

 The Law is on our side

Feel free to copy and distribute.

The Riverside City Council has pledged to write as many laws as necessary to keep you from having any fun of any kind.

The Riverside Police Dept. has orders to:

Harass or shoot on site
Anyone attempting to celebrate their Independence.

Happy 4th of July from the Riverside Shitty council 

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Underground America    

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We can no longer in good conscience trust the politicians, the corporations or the pigs to police themselves.

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Resist tyranny. There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty:  soap, ballot, jury and the cartridge box.  

Most of the news you receive comes from Six Mega corporations that have BANNED this info.  

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