Update We're back in business, boys!

By Christopher Rice

Update: Last week some punk ([–]sighbourbon) on Reddit reported this blog as being in violation of Blogger/Google terms of service. Because he disagreed with an article that I wrote. Google automatically deleted this blog. Upon further review, Google has notified me that this blog is not in any violation and therefore has been restored.

Incase you punk pieces of shit missed it I Love Haters. Even wrote a piece just for you. And for anyone who missed it, here it is again:

We're back in business boys!

The time for marches and peaceful demonstrations is over!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Julian Assange, they fought back. Not with traditional weapons, but they fought back.

Did you vote for a war on drugs?

Or for violent, militarized police?

Did you vote for stings on prostitutes?

Did you vote for an illegal "war on terrorism" to violate my Constitutional rights and spy on everyone?
Did you vote for a class war, border war, drug war?

War, war, war, plenty of money for war but still can't feed the poor.
If you really want "change", civil disobedience confronts unjust laws and changes them.

How? By breaking them!
Won't you go to jail? Yep.

Demonstrations and protest have no effect.

I told ya'll what this was all about when I first came out. But everyone had to open their mouth and try to ban Underground America Inc.
Not only have we beaten your weak ass stings. We are now doing stings on the police!

So this is how we'll do this- Fuck the Attorney General, fuck your stings, fuck your drug war and if you want to be down with the government then fuck you too.

Not only will we say fuck da police, but we will also teach everyone how.

Ban me, try it. You might just start a riot!

Lets talk strategy. Our campaign: make it hurt for them to hold on to power.

Banks, the C.I.A. and the whole system is dependent on the immense drug profits that flow in daily, what if we could interrupt and even stop that flow of capital?

What if we did stings on the police and catch them in the act with their pants down?

What if we could cause a run on the banks?

What if we attacked the puppets everywhere they went?

What if we got off the defense and went on the offense?

And turn this B.S. they pull on us, on them!

We're back in business, boys!

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