Zero Tolerance for Prostitution and Human Trafficking

By Christopher R Rice

Below are warnings issued by three different counties. All across the US, county after county has declared war on prostitution. Or as the pimps and ho's call it: just another war on us niggas

Prostitution stings against pimps and prostitutes has failed as miserably as the war on drugs. So LE (law enforcement) started to target the johns / customers. Publish their pictures in the local paper and nightly news, destroy his marriage and his career, let the punishment fit the crime, right? That seems fair.

But that has not been enough for these sexless zealots in the government and LE. They keep crying that Backpage won't remove their escort section. After all they were able to bully Craigslist into compliance, right.

I've come to realize that Backpage is the only one with any balls. After everything our government has thrown at them, they still refuse to cave. What is incredible is the government just got Visa and Master Card to stop accepting credit card payments for their ads, so Backpage just made all of their ads free, including escort ads. 

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But why doesn't any one else have any thing to say? How can you just sit back and watch our government bully another website into submission? What happens when they can shut down anyone they don't like? Do you think it's only Backpage / Craigslist? What about MyRedbook? Do you think it's only prostitution? What about Silk Road? Do you really believe they only shut down prostitution / drug websites? What about Underground America Inc.? What about RaiseTheFist? When will the public have something to say? How long will you be silent? Grow some balls before it's too late....

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The government shouldn't be locking up consenting adults for choosing to engage in consensual behavior. Along as prostitution is completely illegal, the harms of it will greatly outweigh it being legalized. Brothels in Nevada that are legal don't have STD cases or underage girls. Or battered women. Legalize it and get the sex cops out of people's lives.

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Anne Arundel County Police Department

The Anne Arundel County Police Department is implementing a zero tolerance campaign against Prostitution and Human Trafficking. Part of that campaign is to monitor internet sites related to prostitution, human trafficking, pimping, pandering and actively pursue prosecution for crimes occurring within Anne Arundel County.

When you are arrested for a crime associated with Prostitution and Human Trafficking this is what you can expect:
You WILL be arrested
• Your arrest photo, name, address and listing of all charges will be immediately sent to all local media outlets, displayed on the Police Department Facebook page, Twitter & Nixel notifications will be sent to all registrants.
• You will be prosecuted and the maximum penalty allowed by law will be sought


• Emergency 911 or 410-222-8610 (non-emergency) or to speak to a detective 410-222-6003
• Anonymous Tip line – 1-800-Ima-Snitch
8495 Veterans Highway, 21108 

Vice and Intelligence Detectives Develop Initiatives Against Human Trafficking

The detectives in the Vice and Intelligence Section of the Special Operations Division of the Montgomery County Police Department want to advise the public of initiatives they have enacted to address the growing concern of human trafficking.

The crime of human trafficking/prostitution may be thought to be a victimless and voluntary crime. That notion is frequently portrayed in films and television shows but those story lines have very little to do with reality. Although it is true that the demand side of the crime is voluntary, the provider side is often not voluntary. The provider may not be a lone entity. The provider can be exploited for money and often coerced through violent means by individuals, and that may go unnoticed by the public and law enforcement. Frequently faceless corporations and persons that utilize the unregulated internet to openly promote illegal activities for a price benefit financially from this crime and fail to take any responsibility for it.

The public may not be as aware of the crime of human trafficking because it is generally hidden from public view. The advertisement, recruitment, and exploitation of victims occur on a variety of internet sites. Some internet sites have been created with the sole purpose of promoting the crime of human trafficking, but internet social sites are also commonly used to recruit victims into human trafficking.

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The Montgomery County Police Department is committed to addressing the true benefactors of human trafficking and making them accountable for their illegal activities. The following initiatives have been developed over the past year to address the use of the internet by individuals to promote and financially benefit from human trafficking:
  1. The Vice Section has effectively shut down escort websites that blatantly advertise activities that are illegal in Maryland. No other crime is so openly confessed to in any forum as the crime of human trafficking. The Vice Section is using a variety of investigative techniques to make web hosts accountable for their complicity in the advertising of human trafficking. Consequently, Web Hosts are eliminating the internet site from their servers. This tactic has eliminated the internet sites for TGND Talent, Diamond Escorts, and Desirable Companions. Sadly, these sites are now moving to servers outside the USA to continue their illegal activities.
  2. The Vice Section has effectively infiltrated the Erotic Review website and identified key members of the group. The Erotic Review is a website where members openly confess to illegal activities. The website’s members rate women’s appearance, sexual performance, etc. while providing information on contact numbers, organized crime outfits, and local police activities.
  3. The Vice Section through plea agreements is now operating established and once legitimate escort internet sites where “johns” are currently providing names, places of employment, and contact numbers as if they are communicating with the now defunct service. These contacts are being utilized to arrange “john stings” and identify individuals on the demand side of human trafficking.
  4. The Montgomery County Police Department has established a spread sheet that identifies all individuals advertising and participating in human trafficking in the jurisdiction of Montgomery County. This spreadsheet identifies participants in human trafficking by name, alias, escort service, telephone number, etc. The primary internet advertisers of human trafficking (EROS and Backpage) are being officially notified that these specific individuals are utilizing their site to participate in illegal activities. The Vice Section is also requesting that Backpage and EROS discontinue the future advertisement of these individuals or be prepared to be found complicit in the crime of human trafficking.
  5. The official notification to EROS and Backpage that probable cause exists that specific services and individuals have been found to be involved in human trafficking/prostitution and are utilizing their site to promote their illegal activities will eliminate their thinly veiled defense that they are not actively participating in prostitution. This official notification will place these sites into the position of possible civil and criminal ramifications for failure to refuse these individuals advertising space on the sites.
  6. The Vice Section has initiated outreach to individuals working in the sex trade. The goal of this outreach program is to provide workers in the sex trade industry a safe place to report violence against them. This outreach has resulted in one arrest warrant for robbery and a second report that should result in a warrant for violence committed against a sex worker.
The trafficked individuals are the face of the business and consequently the most exposed and accountable to law enforcement and the judiciary. The true profiteers of human trafficking have learned to make large profits while allowing others to take all the risk. These legal investigative tactics are bringing vice investigations into the 21st century and making everyone involved in the organized crime of human trafficking accountable for their actions.

Prince George’s County, Maryland…The Prince George’s County Police Department’s Narcotics Enforcement Division is proactively investigating crimes of prostitution, human trafficking and solicitation.

In August of this year, the Narcotics Enforcement Division began focusing more intently on these “quality of life” crimes. Due to the close geographical proximity of the county to many tourist attractions, there are a number hotels off of every beltway exit. The ease of access to local hotels is an attractive set-up for those engaged in the prostitution lifestyle.  Many of those arrested reside out-of-state and have traveled here to conduct their business because of that reason.

Detectives gain information about these crimes from several sources to include citizens, patrol officers, debriefing arrestees and scouring the internet. Since August, Narcotics Detectives have apprehended a total of 153 individuals involved in these crimes.

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“We have zero tolerance for this type of activity.  We will not allow people of that caliber to set-up shop in our county and bring down the quality of life of our residents”, said Chief Roberto Hylton.

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Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Narcotic Enforcement Division at (301) 883-6800.  Callers wishing to remain anonymous may call Crime Solvers at 1-866-ImA-Snitch or text “ImASnitch plus your message” to Snitch on your cell phone or go to and submit a tip online.

Source: NBCNews

People need to wake up and live in the real world. This is what we need cops for? Sure there are examples of pimps horribly abusing girls, but this could be eliminated if it wasn't illegal and had to be conducted in the shadows. Nevada's legal brothels have no underage girls, no STDs and no abused girls. I thought we were at risk from outside infiltrators bent on our destruction. This is where we should allocate our law-enforcement assets? Our politicians pimp for weapons manufacturers which kill millions. Likewise irresponsible drug companies. It's funny what some people find necessary to get outraged about.

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It is not a real "system", it is just set up to shake you down for money. The U.S. has more people in prison than any country in the world. Circumventing the elections as far back as Richard Nixon (and he didn't go to jail did he?) Even when exposed "the system" protects the corporate and government crooks and criminals.

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