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An investigation in Baltimore has 'opened the floodgates' on the use of secretive FBI cellphone tracking devices

By Barbara Tasch Business Insider

A USA Today investigation has led Baltimore defense lawyers to review almost 2,000 cases in which police secretly used expensive, powerful cellphone tracking devices known as stingrays.

In Maryland, the use of electronic surveillance must be disclosed in court, but the use of stingrays in these cases was never revealed, according to USA Today.
From the 1,900 cases USA Today identified in which police used a stingray, at least 200 public defender clients were convicted of a crime.

"This is a crisis, and to me it needs to be addressed very quickly. No stone is going to be left unturned at this point," Baltimore's public defender, Natalie Finegar, told USA Today.

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The device has been marketed as a tool to catch terrorists and kidnappers, according to USA Today, but police in many parts of the US have been accused time and again of using it to catch perpetrators of petty crime…