Message to the Soldiers / Souljahs

By Christopher R Rice

I don't know how long you've followed me, maybe this is the first piece that you've read by me, I don't know, this is a message to the soldiers. I don't know if you're an anarchist, a Tea Party activist, a revolutionary or a voter, this is a message to the soldier.
Let's talk strategies. Marches, protest, riots and voting have all failed miserably to bring about the desired change. Where does this leave us? We have been on the defense, whether it was the IRS attack on activist, the NSA ease dropping or another police killing. No one has ever won playing a completely defensive game, ever. We must develop an offensive strategy.

How do we go on the offensive and make the government respond to us? It will start with the students (teens are passionate and looking for something to rebel against), for many reasons but foremost, no one can argue against more or better education (*our school system is deplorable and an easy target).
We need our kids, the students, to stage walkouts (during classes) and to protest for: small class size, better school books, better curriculum, better trained teachers, lower tuition, for modern schools / class rooms, better classes, more college prep, more scholarships / grants, less police state, better mental health services and more. These student protesters should be joined by veterans.

Vets are very easy to organize, eager to protest and have lots of legitimate gripes that can't be denied. The reasoning is simple. It's very difficult to send in jack boot militarized goon squads when it is children and veterans. Not that they won't ever do it, but you want those groups leading the charge for many reasons.

Once the government starts to respond be ready with the cameras and video recorders. Broadcast the governments brutality asap. Your membership will swell. Your protest will then take on a life of its own.

The media must be controlled tightly at this point because they will attempt to find anything they can to discredit your movement. Get that spotlight off of you and on the government where it belongs. Get the media to start putting the government and the politicians under a microscope.

How? Two tactics, whenever the MSM ask a question, do like any good politician would and turn the question back on them. Next, the way to influence / control the MSM to do their job and also to start the student revolt is simple. We control vast amounts of publishing power thanks to text messages, IM, email, WordPress, Blogger, chat rooms, Instagram, Kik, Twitter / Social media, on and on. All that is required is a small amount of webmasters, bloggers, social media experts, whistleblowers and some hand fliers, printed, published in a series, simultaneously and all based on a particular topic such as better class sizes (and why that is so important not to have 40 kids in one class). Each week this team of publishers hammers away at each topic, problem, worsening condition and the ways to improve (better alternatives), all culminating in a huge massive nation wide student walk out.

If the students can hold their ground for three days they are then joined by the vets who "spontaneously" but actually pre organized, come to lend a hand and show support for the students "causes". And protest against the horrible conditions at VA hospitals across the country, which the students will in turn support.

Take your protest to any and every political rally you can get into. Any time politicians show up to give a speech be there and come strong. And shout them down. (Copy the CIAs color revolution tactics. Disrupt local, state and national elections, claim the vote was rigged and make them prove otherwise).

Now you've created an army that can't easily be defeated by being marginalized, like rioters. And by this point the government will be on the defensive instead of us. This is the opportunity that we need because without being able to just send in the riot police they will have to negotiate. They will have to meet any outrageous demands that we make as we will now be in control of the media and the streets. They will want to put us back into a box where we are easily controlled. They will offer you Presidential commissions and blue ribbon panels to hijack your responsibility and regain control, don't accept their token false promises that can't be verified. Just ask any Native American how trustworthy promises are from the US government.

Remember the government will have you under a microscope and anyone who appears to be leading or organizing will be quickly arrested on real or made up charges. It doesn't matter to the government if they can get the charges to stick or not, the point is just to shut you up at a certain time (and attempt to discredit the movement by smearing the leaders or more vocal members, while draining the groups resources fighting endless legal battles).

So security should be tight and relentless. Have lookouts staged at every intersection / corner, post people on roof tops. When the pigs swoop in you want to know which way they are coming and how many and have multiple escape routes.

Beware of snitches and keep everyone on a need to know basis like running an underground railroad.

Follow this and you might grow older. This is a message to the soldiers. Keep your head high and your chest out. Don't sit next to open widows. When in a restaurant or outside, keep your back to the wall and watch out for snipers. Only use pre paid disposable phones, change numbers constantly, develop codes to communicate and hide in plain site.

Too many brothers / sisters have turned up dead or been locked up in this fight for justice. When you feel the heat- make tracks, live to fight another day. Take it to the grave and never let them take you alive. It's better to die fighting than to rot in a cage. You lived like a man, die like one. 
* Overall, according to the U.S. Department of Education, American students' rankings in math have slipped from 24th to 29th compared to the last test in 2010. In science, they've gone from 19th to 22nd, and from 10th to 20th in reading (worldwide). From FOX News

Even China and Russia provide their children with a better education. Politicians blame your children but that is a lie. Our school system is design to produce illiterates.

IceT "Message to the Souljahs"

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