New York City's new drug threat: 'weaponized marijuana'

By John C./Christopher Rice

"The synthetic marijuana issue has been one of great and growing concern here in New York," said NYPD Commissioner William Bratton at a press conference on Tuesday in which he also released monthly crime statistics. "You are going to see a lot more of it in the short term."

One video streamed at Tuesday's press conference showed a naked man, who police say was high on synthetic marijuana, ranting and smashing a hole in a wooden fence with his fist before being pepper sprayed and wrestled to the ground by a group of officers. In another video a man, also unclothed, crouched in the middle of a street, delirious, screaming at the ground.

Police say: "It gives users super human strength, makes them impervious to pain and can be bought for as little as $2 across New York."

Police in New York and elsewhere have been issued with information about the drug and how to deal with users.

History repeats

During prohibition of alcohol people started making bathtub gin and other kinds of home-made alcohol that was impure and it would kill and blind people and make them go nuts. Now China is flooding our cities with this cheap K2 Spice making money off the homeless and little kids who want weed. The result is the same, so the answer is the same, legalize the real stuff and no one will want the fake.

Cannabis sativa is not K2

Synthetic marijuana doesn't exist - there is synthetic THC - it is still a compound of marijuana - not one ingredient in any K2 mix has a single compound that could even remotely resemble THC- by the logic of this article oregano parsley basil are synthetic marijuana - here is the definition -
synthetic adjective
1. of, pertaining to, proceeding by, or involving synthesis (opposed to analytic ).
2. noting or pertaining to compounds formed through a chemical process by human agency, as opposed to those of natural origin:
synthetic vitamins; synthetic fiber

Oxycontin is synthetic aspirin

Those irresponsible people who are calling spice or K-2 synthetic marijuana are guilty of misleading young people into believing it is similar to smoking cannabis. Hearing cops and journalists say over and over again "synthetic marijuana" causes the deceived to try it because they think it is similar to using cannabis, but cheaper. However, we know the truth - those dangerous chemicals do not even remotely come close to resembling cannabis in molecular structure, nor in the effects one receives when using it.

People do not know what they are doing

The police are calling it "weaponized marijuana". Why not call it a "designer pharmaceutical". Maybe drug companies won't like that.

"It gives people super human strength, and makes them impervious to pain". Make street cops paranoid giving them reason to shoot anyone who appears high.

Put Cuomo, Bloomberg, and Christie in their place. They are public servants and maybe we should stop letting the "servants" push the masters around. Legalize real marijuana and there would be no market for "Spice".

This is not a "new" threat. It has been around for years now. A guy I know is a truck driver and can't smoke marijuana on his days off. So he smokes Spice, because it won't show up on drug test. Other drugs it "checks" for are out of your system in 72 hours. Pot stays for 30 days. If you go on vacation and smoke then go back to work two weeks later, you can get fired.

I lost my right knee in Korea in 1971, and was sprayed with Agent Orange, that burned my lungs.

I can eat half a brownie before dinner and have a pleasant evening with no pain from the neuropathy. And I am able to function very well the next day with no after effects. (the high is about equal to a nice glass of wine.)

Or I can take two to four Oxycontin pills, plus a Dramamine to stop the terrible itching from the opiates. Then I'm still drugged out the next day, and sleepy the whole day after that. Three days are gone, then the pain cycle repeats.

Or I can eat half of a brownie and the pain is gone in 45 minutes, and I can function normally the next morning with no side effects.

My doctor agrees with me, but can not officially say so because the DEA would pull her license.

Live in pain every day

War on America has made tens of millions of non violent Americans felons.

I'm not giving out any secrets or anything that you don't already know.

Fill the jails, police keep their over bloated budgets, and real crime goes unsolved.

Defund the DEA

Legalize pot nationwide, treat heavy drug use medically, and stop this ridiculous war on the American people.

How can a democratic, Christian country of compassion, and empathy do this?

Prohibition KILLS

America is the largest drug market in the world. We're 5 percent of the world's population — we consume 25 percent of the world's illegal drugs. Mexico has the misfortune to share a 2,000 mile border with the largest drug market in the world. At the end of the day, they'll run out of products. It's the illegality that makes those territories so valuable. If you criminalize anything only criminals can sell it. If only criminals can sell it, there's no recourse to law, there's only recourse to violence. That's created the cartels. It's our simultaneous appetite for — and prohibition of — drugs that makes those border territories worth killing for.

On the effect legalizing marijuana (just in Washington and Colorado) has had on Mexican trafficking

Just two states that have legalized marijuana, do you know what's happened in Mexico? Forty percent of Mexican marijuana imports, they've been cut by 40 percent. In Durango and Sinaloa, where most of the marijuana is grown, they've almost stopped growing it now, because they can't compete with the American quality and the American market. I'm not making this up; you get this from Customs and from DEA, from the people who are trying to intercept it on the border and judge how much is coming through as a percentage of how much they seize, and what they're telling us is it's down 37 percent over the last two years. So by stopping fighting, just two states stopping fighting the war on that drug, it has been effective.

Recognize drug laws as the price-support program that they are. If this stuff was trading at its actual cost, without the illegality premium, there wouldn't be enough money in drugs to support the cartels. But don't take my word for it, just ask Al Capone. Notice gangsters don't sell liquor any more. And there are no more drive-bys by bootleggers. 

The US drug policy has caused the deaths and incarceration of hundreds of thousands, as prohibition did in the 30's with booze. It has allowed these cartels to become powerful and deadly. Now the US has created this monster and it's loose. And as long as drugs remain illegal the dead bodies will continue to pile up.

There is blood on every American voters and politicians hands. You caused this, you created it. Whether you do drugs or not, you are still a part of the problem. You support the war on drugs and you vote for the politicians that enforce it, so all that blood, death and terrorism associated with the war on drugs is all your fault.

After prohibition in the 30s didn't work, how dumb are American voters to allow their politicians to fleece them for wars they know they can't win. Since the American voter continues to elect these "law and order" assholes they must be as dumb as bricks.  

Police: 'Bad batch' of LSD could be going around Boulder County
By Mitchell Byars Denver Post

Excerpt: "When things are manufactured by home-schooled chemists in the bathtub, it's kind of difficult to have any quality control," Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said.

The strange behavior of a University of Colorado student shot and killed by a Boulder police officer after attacking people with a knife, then confronting officers with a hammer may be connected to what officials believe is a "bad batch" of LSD going around the county.

"There's been several reports in the county in the last few weeks of LSD trips out of control," Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said Wednesday. "We've seen some really bizarre behavior."

As long as drugs remain illegal the public should get use to "really bizarre behavior". During prohibition of alcohol people started making bathtub gin and other kinds of home-made alcohol that was impure and it would kill and blind people and make them go nuts.

Get use to it. You created this monster, enjoy.

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