The AnarchoHacker Manifesto

We are hackers, we are anarchists. We like to invent, modify and improve technologies to use it in a way to build a better world.

Learning who is the real enemy of liberty and freedom, we noticed it is not just the government, but also the church, racism, nationalism, patriotism, imperialism, patriarchy are enemies.

I use to fight my brothers until I learned that is a tactic called "divide and conquer". So then I fought the police until I realized that they are only pawns. Cops write tickets but politicians write the laws. So then I fought the government until I realized they'd been bought and paid for by corporations feeding off the public trough through endless wars, threat of war and mass incarceration. Now I fight CEOs, robber barons and war profiteers.

With time we became the first hacktivist's and formed hacker collectives of anarchist values like consensus making, direct democracy, horizontal organization, federated and or decentralized decision making models. We wrote security tools with the aim of helping dissenters all over the world.

We thought that it was not enough so we created online fronts of hacktivist's, some of which are still growing today, and participated in their actions.

We were tired of being victims without a fight, we were tired of having skills without putting them to good use, and for us good use is not to work to fill your Swiss "tax-free" bank accounts.

We are now full scale revolutionaries.

You are afraid of us. You use your media to invent more propaganda to terrorize our brothers and sisters all over the world, lying about freedom fighters, making us look like the enemy.

Also be sure that some of us work for you and then against you.

We do not send information to your media clowns about our actions, we keep them to ourselves. You know who we are, you know we care less about fame and fortune and this is what scares you. We are serious in taking your system down brick by brick from the inside and the out.

We can tell you, past actions are nothing in comparison to what we are working on.

We AnarchoHackers envision all digital forms of resistance, and use them to show the world that we can win. We decide not to divide our self from our anarchist comrades but join everyone. We take people to the streets and bring to the electronic world diversity of tactics and diversity of fronts!

We contribute towards a new world with a spirit based on anarchist values for this most of us believe in a diversity of strategies, not just working in the shadows of the internet darknets but also in the street with other revolutionaries of all sorts.

Our motto: You can buy off a politician but you'll never be able to buy off a freedom fighter. Fight oppression everywhere. Never forget. Never forgive.

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