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How to beat any prostitution sting

By Christopher Rice

With prostitution stings occurring in every city and town across the country I wrote about various ways to verify an escort is not an undercover pig. And if you're going to use sites like Backpage or Craigslist or Eros to find escorts you should still use those tips and tricks.

But I've found a better way. There's now a website (XTC) that only allows well reviewed and reputable escorts to post ads. No cops!!

At XTC you don't have to worry about stings or cops or undercover pigs because they can't post ads at XTC. That's the upside. Clients don't have to worry about a bust and the escorts screen new clients so no one has to worry.

There is a downside. The site as of yet, doesn't have a search box to search by city, state or preferences. And, it is a relatively new site so it doesn't have escorts in every state yet.

On the upside, they also post swingers parties, gangbang parties, sissyboi parties, cuckold clubs and sex parties of any kind for free. Escorts and sugar baby ads are also free.

Until a search box is installed, the escorts listed in the blog roll are also in the gallery / picture section of the website with their phone numbers. It is recommended to locate the escort in the blog section before calling to see what her rules are about text or explicit talk.

According to the site: "Members at XTC do not create or have profiles. And since the site does not collect your information it can't be hacked or used against you."

You must be over eighteen years of age to access the site and escorts have valid state IDs on file verifying their age. It's a great site for any hobbyist, experienced or novice. It gives you well reviewed and reputable escorts at your finger tips with lots and lots of pictures, videos and reviews for free.

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