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How to make your child less sexy to your priest

By Christopher Rice

Pope Francis Visits Molise
Pope Francis on world tour "Rape and pillage the peasants", US September 29, 2015 (Franco Origlia—Getty Images)

Maybe your priest is a registered pedophile. Maybe you've caught your priest lusting after one of your children, you know that glance that lasted way too long. There are some things that you can do to make your child less attractive to your priest.

What are some of the things that you do to get ready for a date? You shower, put on your best clothes, brush your teeth and brush your hair, right? And what do you do when you take your kids to church? Have them wash, put on their best clothes, brush their teeth and hair, right?

1.) So one of the first things you need to do is stop grooming your kids (before church.)

2.) Do not let your kids make eye contact with your priest. Tell them to look at the floor whenever he's talking. ( There's nothing more irritating than someone who won't look you in the eye while your talking.)

3.) Do not let your child talk to the priest. Because your priest will only think that your kid is flirting with him.

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4.) Do not let your kids participate in any after church activities. Priest see a lonely kid hanging around with no protection and it's like letting the wolves into the chicken coop.

5.) Whatever you do, never let your child volunteer for alter boy or any such nonsense. That is just code for cabana boy and you don't want your kid to grow up and be a temple prostitute, now do you?

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Four in 10 US Catholic nuns report having experienced sexual abuse, (a rate equivalent to that reported by American women in general), a study by Catholic researchers supported by major religious orders, has found. The study found that sisters have known sexual abuse less in childhood, dispelling what the authors call an "anti-Catholic" canard that girls fled to convents to escape sexual advances. During religious life, close to 30% of the nation's 85,000 nuns experienced "sexual trauma," ranging from rape to exploitation to harassment. A total of 40% reported a least one experience of that kind. NCR, 1/15/99 See The Nuns' Stories for details.
  • The Wisconsin Psychological Association's survey found offenders distributed among the following professions: Psychiatrists 34%, Psychologists 19%, Social Workers 13%, Clergy 11%, Physicians 6%, Marriage Counselors 4%, and Others 14%.
  • The Center for Domestic Violence found that 12.6% of clergy said they had sex with church members. 47% of clergy women were harassed by clergy colleagues.
  • The Presbyterian Church stated that 10-23% of clergy have "inappropriate sexual behavior or contact" with clergy and employees.
  • The United Methodist research (1990) showed 38.6% of Ministers had sexual contact with church members and that 77% of church workers experienced some type of sexual harassment.
  • The United Church of Christ found that 48% of the women in the work place have been sexually harassed by male clergy.
  • The Southern Baptists claim 14.1% of their clergy have sexually abused members.

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