Pimp gets 120 years in prison

Daniel Onodera

A 43-year-old man said to be the leader of a child prostitution ring was sentenced Tuesday to 120 years in prison for pimping two teen girls out of the Denver-area in 2012.

Daniel Byron Onodera, who had nine prior felony convictions, also was found to be a habitual criminal and designated by Judge Philip James McNulty as a sexually violent predator.

In June, Onodera was convicted of eight felony counts by a Jefferson County jury after a six-day trial, including pandering of a child, pimping a child and keeping a place of child prostitution.

County prosecutors say Onodera was the ringleader of a group of seven men and women who were all charged in connection with the enterprise. The criminal enterprise sold the teen girls' sexual services over a five-month period out of a Lakewood apartment and Wheat Ridge motel rooms.
The two girls Onodera prostituted were 16 and 17 years old.

Pamela Lewis

While authorities say the girls did not know each other, they were similar in that they had run away from home, were truant from school and had been lured by methamphetamine given to them by Onodera.

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"Onodera and others charged in this case lived ... at the Timberleaf Apartments, which is where the 16-year-old victim was forced to have sex with strangers in exchange for money or drugs," prosecutors said in a news release.

Marshall Ashton

The investigation began in November, 2012 when one of the victims reported to a counselor that she had been sexually assaulted by a man named Daniel, who was later identified as Daniel Onodera, the alleged ringleader of the child prostitution ring.

Through the course of the investigation, a complex, multi-layer operation was uncovered in which young girls were given methamphetamine and forced to have sex with members of the ring, their associates or strangers in exchange for money or drugs allegedly paid to Onodera or other members of the prostitution ring.

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The criminal activity is alleged to have been based out of the Timberleaf Apartments at 1388 Garrison, Lakewood, between December 2011 and November 2012. According to court records one or more of the defendants leased, or lived in, apartments at the complex where the victims were invited, or taken, and given drugs. Two of the victims are alleged to have been sexually assaulted by members of the organization and were also forced to have sex with strangers while Onodera or others received money or drugs in payment.

Nickolas Silk

Alleged ringleader Daniel Byron Onodera, DOB/12-10-71, has been charged with Trafficking of a Child (F2); Pimping of a Child (F3); Sex Assault of a Child (F3); Solicitation of a Child for Prostitution (F3); Pandering (F3); Keeping a place of Child Prostitution (F3); Child Prostitution – Inducement (F3), Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor (F4); and two violent crime counts.

Zelian Shaw

Five others have been arrested and they have been charged according to their alleged participation:

• Marshall Deron Ashton, DOB/2-23-82
• Nickolas Alan Silk, DOB/12-7-90
• Kevin J. Snuggs, DOB/3-26-87
• Pamela Jean Lewis, DOB/ 4-29-56
• Zelian Ashbury Shaw, DOB/6-3-93

“Human Traficking, the trafficking of children for prostitution, is a serious issue in Jefferson County and throughout the Denver metro area. Those who engage in this activity target and groom the most vulnerable of our youth. These defendants preyed upon young women, coercing them into sexual activity,” said District Attorney Pete Weir, “The dismantling of this group disrupts their operations and is a significant step towards protecting other children from being lured into this sexually exploitive environment.”

Kevin Snuggs

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