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Police badges have become targets

By Christopher Rice

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis said today on “America’s News Headquarters” that police badges have become targets.

Lewis revealed that he just sent an email to all of his personnel, urging them to discontinue wearing anything affiliated with law enforcement while off-duty as a means of protecting themselves and their families.

“It’s a scary, scary time for law enforcement,” he said.

Wow Becky, blacks have been kidnapped, held in slavery for hundreds of years, hunted and terrorized by the Klan, lynched, than segregation, mass incarceration, and pig sheriff Lewis says: “It’s a scary, scary time for law enforcement.” Nah, mother fucker, it's a scary time to be a black male, just as it always has been.

The officers killed at CiCi's in Vegas, the officers shot in the face in New York and the officer shot and killed recently in Texas were all killed by mentally unstable individuals and yet who does this turd Lewis blame...

Lewis remarked that the overwhelming majority of Americans support law enforcement, but he said part of society hates police officers. He also charged Black Lives Matter with perpetuating violence.

“We’ve got police officers right now who are hesitating to do their jobs and hesitating to use deadly force, and when you hesitate, you die,” he said. “There are cemeteries across this country that are full of great cops who hesitated to pull that trigger and died.”

Nah, muther fucker, wrong again. Fact, there are countless cemeteries across this country that are full of great kids, that were unarmed and who's only crime was being black and were murdered by your police or as we call 'em the New KKK.

On the other hand, some scared police officers will pull the trigger in an instant, Lewis said. Yep, yep, shoot first and ask questions later.

Lewis also sounded off on remarks made by Julius Jones, of Black Lives Matter.

Jones told CNN, “When people say ‘all lives matter,’ it’s actually a violent statement because the only time that people say ‘all lives matter’ is in opposition to Black Lives Matter, and it’s the most violent statement of love that you can do.”

“That’s a racist, ludicrous statement he just made right there,” Lewis said.

Look, why wouldn't black people be racist after all that they have suffered through? But are most blacks racist, not at all. Black Lives Matter was started because of the large percentage of unarmed young black males being murdered by the police across this country. It never implied anything racist or anti police.

But why are white's so easily offended?

The civil war ended over a hundred years ago, right? So why haven't whites been able to get over the Confederate flag yet? Why blame BLM when injustice is met with violent retaliation? Like trying to put Snowden on trial when it is our politicians who broke the law. Who should be on trial, Snowden or Obama? Who illegally spied on American citizens and then lied about it? Who illegally used drones, to kill Americans, that were never even given a trial in your Kangaroo courts? Who killed innocent civilians in those drone attacks?

LE needs to be scared. Very, very scared. The badge is a target. The badge is now a bulls eye. For decades, the police have terrorized us with impunity. We were helpless. Defenseless. We were raped, murdered and jailed on trumped up charges. We watched as local police became more and more militarized, becoming the perfect killing machine. The prisons swelled and the streets filled with our blood. And instead of arming police with body cams they bought tanks, batter rams and Stingrays to be used against us. We watched in horror, unable to do anything. Now you can arm yourselves and fight back. Go to Underground America Inc. and learn how to BEAT THE POLICE.

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