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Prostitution investigation leads to deputy firings

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. —Using some of his most compelling statements since becoming Brevard County's sheriff, Wayne Ivey announced Sunday morning that he has fired two deputies who were customers of a prostitute.

Ivey said the two deputies, who were not identified, were terminated when the ongoing prostitution investigation found their names.

Ivey repeatedly called the two deputies knuckleheads, saying they had disgraced the uniform and the Brevard County Sheriff's Office. He said he has asked the state attorney to prosecute the two as much as the law allows.

"I have not talked to them, to be honest with you," Ivey said. "It's my goal to dishonor them as much as possible. In fact, they've dishonored themselves and I'm going to help them along the path."

Ivey has also asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to revoke the law enforcement certification of the two, so they will not be able to work as officers in the future.

In a news conference that lasted about 20 minutes, Ivey said detectives followed investigative leads to Mary Derossett after a recent slaying, in which the victim was lured to a scene for sex.

On Aug. 20, Brevard County sheriff's Deputy Casey Smith and other deputies went to Derossett's Port St. John home to investigate a complaint of prostitution there.

Undercover agents set up a meeting with her for sex at the home on Covina Street. While executing an arrest, Smith was shot by Derossett's uncle, John Franklin Derossett. Deputies returned fire and John Derossett was struck.

Both men are recovering, although Smith's injuries almost took his life.
Ivey said Smith is expected to leave the hospital in about 10 days.

John Derossett maintains he fired in self-defense.

As detectives examined large amounts of phone records and other evidence in the prostitution case, they found the names of two of their deputies. Ivey said he acted quickly to fire the officers.

Investigators said one of the deputies is 56 years old and had worked for the agency for 14 years. The other deputy is 22 years old and worked for the agency for about two years.

Ivey said the two deputies did not deny their involvement with Mary Derossett.

Ivey called a rare Sunday morning news conference and said he wanted to run the most transparent law agency in the nation to maintain the trust and confidence of the community. He said he was shocked and sickened that anyone in his agency and in the law profession would do that and called the actions "absolutely stupid."

Ivey said that if anyone in the Brevard County Sheriff's Office violates the law, the department will prosecute them.

The investigation into the case continues.

John Derossett was charged with three counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and is being held without bond in the Brevard County Jail.

Mary Derossett is also jailed without bond, charged with drug and prostitution offenses. Her trial on some charges from 2014 is set for later in September.

The investigation has resulted in 250 arrests so far.

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