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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

RIP Ashley Madison, Welcome to the Cheating Wives Club

By Christopher Rice

Recently some sex dating sites were hacked. The reason behind the hack was to expose the fraud of those websites that promised extra marital affairs but didn't have any female members. And the female profiles that they did have were all created from one IP address and were fakes.

Ashley Madison (AM) has responded with a bounty offered for the capture of the hackers. Police and FBI are vigorously investigating the hack instead of the fraudulent websites that bilked millions of dollars from desperate men looking for love in all the wrong places. Sites like AM also took money from subscribers promising either to delete or protect their sensitive information.

There is a new site that:

1.) does not collect users information or allow users to create profiles so that their personal information can neither be hacked nor used against them.

2.) has pictures and phone numbers viewable without membership of thousands of married and single females. As well as sex parties happening across the country.

3.) the only thing that a credit card (CC) is required for is to view the x-rated pictures and videos of cheating wives and sex parties, very hot.  

4.) the rest of the site, including pictures and phone numbers of girls available now, is absolutely free. No CC, or membership required. But you must be 18 or over to access the site or to post ads. And all sex ads are free.  

RIP Ashley Madison, MyRedbook, Rentboy, welcome to XTC. When discretion is a must only use reputable websites. XTC (for Alternative Lifestyles) never collects user information so your personal information stays safe- with you. Don't get ripped off with fake profiles and empty promises, XTC provides pictures and phone numbers without a CC. All ads are verified for accuracy and all pictures are checked and fakes are removed/exposed.

It's a great site for single and married men and women. Offering sex parties of all kinds from mild to wild, not just cheating house wives. Best part, if you are married, you get to stay completely anonymous. There is no paper trail. And they keep it simple. Enjoy.

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