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Police and military rape children, all the time

By Christopher Rice

The act of rape can happen anywhere, and anyone could end up the victim, although women and children are particularly vulnerable.

We have all heard about Steve Green and the rape of a young Iraqi girl, after her parents and sister were murdered. The rape victim was also murdered and they attempted to burn her body. That is an act of a group of men who have abandoned morality and inflicted their sadistic wishes on someone else.

Former Army soldier Steven D. Green was convicted five years ago of raping a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and murdering her and her family.

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Blackwater actually recruited young girls to act as prostitutes. Since these are underage girls, that is statutory rape, or worse.

Ex-employees claim Blackwater pimped out young Iraqi girls

The declarations describe Blackwater as “having young girls provide oral sex to Enterprise members in the ‘Blackwater Man Camp’ in exchange for one American dollar.” They add even though Prince frequently visited this camp, he “failed to stop the ongoing use of prostitutes, including child prostitutes, by his men.”

In Iraq, we have lots of examples of sexual torture and rape done by US forces or US mercenaries.

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(AFP) - Ben Ouedraogo hasn't been able to sleep since the discovery of a video that appears to show a French soldier sexually abusing his fiver-year-old daughter at a swimming pool in Burkina Faso.

Personally its my opinion that if these allegations are in fact true the accused should be put to death. Child molesters/ child murderers are the worst type of savage there is and they deserve no mercy. My other thought is why would the mother invite two strangers into her home. I am not blaming her but come on use some common sense. I understand that when people see a person in uniform such as military personal, a police officer, a fireman, a doctor and even a judge most people automatically assume the person in uniform is a very good trustworthy individual. Most are but that does not mean all of them. There have been many criminal cases in which a person in uniform or holds a prestigious position has committed horrible crimes such as the accused in this case.

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Another thought goes out to you people who go out to bars or clubs, meet someone there then go home with them because they are 'hot or sexy". I am addressing the females especially. There have been many women and some men who have met someone at a bar or club thinking they found a great person or someone to "hook up with" but sadly the person who was suppose to be so sexy or great is actually a monster in disguise. A lot of women have been raped or murdered by some "nice guy" they met in a bar so people need to be smarter. Inviting strangers into you're home is not very smart no matter how nice they appear to be when you first meet them.

I hope justice is swift and severe for the pig who would dare to touch these kids or any child inappropriately. I hope these baby's get the love and counseling they will need to overcome this and my same wish for the father.

Millions of children are subjected to this type of thing and even worse every day around the world, most by their own family members or "family friends." It is not news that UN forces sexually abuse and even rape while they are stationed in these countries where they are supposed to be "peacekeeping."

My heart goes out to this father. That is why I never leave my son out of my sight. You can't. You cannot trust anyone! I read the stories and even your own family can't be trusted. Sad but you have to use your judgment. If you have a doubt or a gut feeling than you better go with it. And we must speak to our children about the "don't touch" areas. There are so many sick and perverted people out there.

This is the second report of abuse perpetrated by French soldiers against the most innocent of the civilians they were assigned to protect. The second report! And the only reason they were reported is because, in this case, they forgot their GoPro or, in the car case, a UN report was leaked. How many incidents went unreported? How often have soldiers of any force committed such abuses against civilians of any nation?
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Get their names and publicize them at the very least. 
I've never understood how a grown man or women could look at a child and in any way find them sexually appealing to them. I just wonder what kind of twisted logic you'd have to have first to be interested and next to actually act on that interest knowing that you'd potentially destroy that child's life. At the moment a child is touched by one of these deviants that child's life is over, that child will never again get to feel what it is like to be carefree and innocent to the sickness of the world. A child who's been abused to adults falls into a sort of sexual limbo because they don't know what's natural, they don't know how to trust people and even if they'd love to sometimes it's just too hard, so these sick deviants basically fix a child's path to one of inner torment and loneliness. 

Just the fact that these so-called humans could knowingly ruin an innocent child's life to me should make their crimes capital offenses, sadly a child's life does not hold as much value as say the funds inside a banks vault because if one's convicted of robbing a bank they'll receive a longer sentence for that crime then if they've violated a child's soul. I can only hope the French military makes their soldiers pay a stiff penalty for what they've done to those poor children.

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A young woman imprisoned in Tikrit, north of Baghdad, sent a letter to her brother last summer, appealing for help. The woman, named Dalal, wrote that she was pregnant after being raped by prison guards. The brother asked to visit her. Guards obliged. The brother walked into her cell, drew a gun and shot his visibly pregnant sister dead.

…… At the employee's insistence, lab workers using freshly acquired DNA-testing equipment drew a sample from the fetus. The prison guards were ordered to submit DNA samples and did so, apparently unaware of the sophistication of the morgue equipment and the people trained to use it. 
"They thought we were incapable of figuring it out," said the morgue employee. The DNA results showed that the father of the unborn baby was a police lieutenant colonel who reportedly supervised guards at the prison.

The rapist was (apparently) not punished.

The Crisis of Juvenile Prison Rape: A New Report: “Sexual abuse in juvenile detention is a national crisis”

Reporters in Texas, in 2007, discovered that more than 750 juvenile detainees across the state had alleged sexual abuse by staff over the previous six years. That number, however, was generally thought to under-represent the true extent of such abuse, because most children were too afraid to report it: staff commonly instructed their favorite inmates to beat up kids who complained. Even when the kids did file complaints, they knew it wouldn’t do them much good. Staff covered for each other, grievance processes were sabotaged and evidence was frequently destroyed. Officials in Austin ignored what they heard, and in the very rare instances when staff were fired and their cases referred to local prosecutors, those prosecutors usually refused to act. Not one employee of the Texas Youth Commission during that six-year period was sent to prison for raping the children in his or her care.
Until now, when such stories have made it into the press, officials have been able to contend that they reflected anomalous failings of a particular facility or system. But a report released this morning by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) should change that. Mandated by the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA), and easily the largest and most authoritative study of the problem ever conducted, it makes clear that sexual abuse in juvenile detention is a national crisis.

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