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The Angry Red (voting crowd)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to guests gathered for a campaign event at the Grand River Center on August 25, 2015 in Dubuque, Iowa.

Making a mess of the GOP brand.

Trump is catering to an angry group of Red voters who were taught hatred and racism through Rush Limbaugh and then FOX news day in and day out. FOX news had no idea they were creating the monsters who would eventually turn on them.

Trump appeals to the angry Red voting crowd who were dealt a pretty bad hand in the Red States pushing trickle down no tax for the rich plan and they are mad.

They figured out the rich are using their votes against them, tea party was a Corporate ruse to get their vote and now they are taking their anger and showing support for a man saying the angry things they feel but the GOP has not provided.

They are realizing GOP and DEMS alike are paid by the highest bidders and Trump cannot be bought by the Koch's.

This is the reason Bernie Sanders has a far left and a far right crowd attending his speeches. He is Second amendment rights and anti-guest worker immigrant programs while Pro American Labor.

Trump is getting those who are tired of the GOP but still socially conservatives who have nowhere to go. They know the Koch's own the Tea Party and handed the red residents the Corporate tax bill. They are willing to overlook the fact Trump may take GOP votes away or they honestly believe an Independent can win.

Fox created them now they are getting them angrier because FOX is now telling them their own anger is stupid and not worth it. While Trump tells them it is. Trump is listening while the GOP establishment is laughing that his voters can't be taken seriously while he crushes them at the polls.

The issue now for the Red voter is that Trump's vote could possibly be a vote for the Democratic party and they may be snookered by Trump himself. That will be the final nail in their GOP loyalty.

The beauty of all of it is the fact the GOP cannot take his ideas seriously for fear of losing super Pac funding and they can't push him out in fear he will run as an Independent.

Trump has pretty much locked up the entire GOP Presidential nads in the palm of his hands and Koch's 990 million was just flushed down the Trump toilet.

It has become the perfect storm and all the Democratic voters are cheering the Trump crowd on!!!! 

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