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War on Cops

By Christopher Rice

Contrary to what the MSM and the police themselves have told you, there is no war on cops. It makes good headlines to say this is occurring, but you can not validate it. Police deaths are at a twenty year low, while deaths caused by police are at a forty year high. So it is more like the police are waging a war on America.

War on America

All LE is toxic and solves nothing. The worthless pigs can't stop crime and treat everything with some BDSM. When did vices become crimes in the first place and how did the law turn into a mafia style shake down only interested in robbing citizens and businesses?

Does locking people up for smoking weed ever stop people from smoking weed? Does law solve anything? Does the law prevent anything? With all of their laws and government agencies from the DEA to border patrol, local LE and special drug task forces, can they keep drugs out of your children's school? Or even out of a high security prison? No and no again.

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Your laws are a joke. Your politicians have lied to you and are fleecing you to fill their fat pockets and the pockets of their campaign contributors. They will lock you up and throw away the key not to stop drugs but just to make the rich even richer.

Does locking me up stop drug use? No, not at all. So why do they do it? Think man, God gave you a brain, use it. Locking me up or forcing me into some court ordered rehab makes a lot of people a lot of money, including LE. Law is a scam and the joke is on you. Law has become a tool to keep the rich rich and the poor poorer.

If you do get a felony and you pay your debt to society in a prison cell and then complete your probation without a violation, you still will not be able to get a job, due to legal discrimination. Every application ask "have you ever been convicted of a crime". And they all do background checks. So what if you can not get work to feed your family, what do you suppose you will do? I'll tell ya' what you would do to feed your kids, you'd do anything you had to. Then they wonder about the high recidivism rates. Are you freakin' for real?

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Maybe I don't like weed but I love me some prostitutes. There is no justice in our so called justice system. Busting people for prostitution, for example, doesn't really work out well. The girls, are cited and released and back out on the corner again.

So the legal system won't work on supply, so they go after demand. They arrest johns and publicize their pictures in the evening news.

The two biggest supporters of prohibition were bootleggers (suppliers) and preachers (religion).

The two biggest opponents of legalized prostitution are pimps and preachers. Prohibitions worked out so well in the past.  

When Law is Lawless

Police are not immune from participating in criminal acts; and with domestic violence among law enforcement estimated in studies to be about 40%, compared to 8-10% in the general population, more attention needs to be given to this serious and often fatal problem.

War on Cops

At an ale house in Williamsburg, Brooklyn last week, a group of police officers from across the city gathered for the beer and chicken wing special.

"This site could become an officer safety issue":

"I urge each of you to contact your department and association/union to get the site shut down to protect your officers."

"You gotta be kidding me...Thank CHP Sgt.. I just forwarded this site to our Intelligence LT.........I may be short, fat and stupid...... but I can still Taser you...."

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"I agree, this site poses a potential threat. I'll bring it to the attention of our Association. Thanks for the "head's up"."

County Sheriff Ron Hickman said at a news conference "At any point where the rhetoric ramps up to the point where calculated cold-blooded assassination of police officers happen[s], this rhetoric has gotten out of control.”

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Good cops VS Bad cops

“There’s no real outlet to report the abuse,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a former NYPD captain who said he was stigmatized and retaliated against throughout his 22-year career for speaking out against racial profiling and police brutality.

Officers make complaints to the NYPD’s investigative arm, the Internal Affairs Bureau, only to later have their identities leaked, said Adams.

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