And Justice For All

By Christopher Rice

Sweet land of liberty, 'tiz thee I see and snizzle my nizzle. This is a free country and if you don't like it than you can get the fuck out.

We're the home of the free and the brave, the coward and the slave. And everything's equal for all, under the justice of the law. Everyone's rights are protected by a police state.

Your freedom depends upon your race and income, while guilt and innocence are irrelevant. You have the right to sit down and shut the fuck up before I have to hurt you. You have the right to be silent while I beat the shit out of you. And you'll have the right to an attorney after I shoot you in the back and you are forever paralyzed.
Free To Be Slaves

If we look back on the "real" history of the United States, we can see how the poor have been forced, tricked and bribed into fighting the wars of the rich.

The American Revolution didn't gain poor whites the right to vote. If you didn't own land, you couldn't vote, white or not. It was simply a war to increase the profits of the extremely wealthy.

Just like the civil-war, where black slaves were tricked into fighting a war that left them no better off than before. With the promises of freedom, they risked life and limb only to find themselves working for the same person they were slaves to with no more food, wealth or freedom than before.

In slavery, one could run away & escape. In poverty, one finds oneself and one's children in an endless cycle of dead -end jobs and government crumbs that don't even feed the roaches and rats that we're all forced to live with.

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