Fuck School (part I)

Fuck School
By Christopher R Rice

My mom always said that I was the best and whenever I wasn't my dad would beat me within an inch of my crotch. 

We kept all sorts of trophies as proof and I've got the scars to prove the rest.

Parents are a burden the moment after conception, if I could I'd trade 'em in for a six-pack. The pricks never did me any favors, they only yelled at me and beat me. Who needs it?

I'd like to take you to Kmart, dress you in that crap and stand you in front of your friends. Lets see if you don't come home with a black eye.

You made this crappy world, never did a damn thing to change it. So I'm into self mutilation and suicide, why do you look so surprised? Did you think your drunken beatings would turn me into a model citizen? Maybe you didn't beat me enough?

They reject cause and effect. They claim your parents had nothing to do with your upbringing or how you turned out. So I want to know, why am I the way I am?

Fuck the government, fuck politicians too, fuck the courts and all the cops 'cause them fools never did shit for me.

Fuck my mom and fuck my dad too. Fuck society and fuck you too, you bitches
didn't do shit for me, you never did a damn thing!

I didn't need much, I practically raised myself.

Even a simple education none of them could give me. Hell your fucked up schools couldn't even teach me to read or write, I had to teach myself.
You lousy bastards just left me twistin' in the wind, in a world that's so damn cold. But I learned two words from my parents and from you...FUCK YOU!

When I come home from school, my parents are fighting, mom takes one to the right eye and she's down. Dad's counting to ten, get to your room and clean this mess up.
I turn thirteen, dad slaps me upside my head, I wish he was dead. I got to get drunk and stoned to make it through another long and boring day. When the teacher failed me it was like he was saying I was stupid or somethin', well I got two words for all of you ... FUCK YOU!

I'd trade my parents for a six pack if I could. What good did they ever do me?

Beat me and yelled at me! My dad was a mother fucker. He'd yell and beat me if I didn't do good in sports or on my report card. I got trophies as proof and scars to prove the rest. I never asked to come to this fucked up planet; you either commit suicide or work all day, killing yourself to live. Who needs it?

How can I thank them for the gift of life, when mines been a curse. I've never known the good life and probably never will. I break my back just to pay the bills. I've never lived the American dream, I wake up in the morning and just want to scream.

So if this is what life's all about, you can have it, I want none of it. I've had the reds, the blues and the pinks but one thing's for sure life stinks! Hell yea. Yea, yea life stinks.

So I got me a girl and I loved her to death but now she's in the back seat of my car fuckin' my best friend. So if this is what life's all about, you can have mine, I want out! Who needs all this bullshit?

I worked all day on my term paper and still didn't get a good grade. I go to work and bust my hump and yet I can't get a raise.

Now my girl's prego and wants me to believe it's mine, 'cause I got a steady
job at Blah Mart. Stupid trailer trash bitch must think I'm blind. Think I'd bring another life into this screwy world, to suffer with me?

So I punch her in the gut and throw her down a flight of stairs.

She's a little upset over the miscarriage but wants to stay together all the same.

I don't care what anyone says the world's insane. I said momma, momma you got to help me! She said I know how it feels son 'cause it runs in the family.
Now I've had the reds, the blues and the pinks. One thing's for sure, life stinks.

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