Hillary Promises...

By Christopher R Rice

Have you seen the Democratic debates? Or the Republican debates? Great news! All of the candidates from both of the top two parties are promising more of the same.

More over crowded schools, more out-of-date school books and curriculum that won't prepare our kids for the future. More drop-outs than graduates. More run down roads and freeways.
More of the same ol' same ol'. More over crowded ERs. More of the same and no one to blame.

More corporations getting away without paying taxes. It's an election, buy me a politician.

Have you heard? You are 17 trillion in debt and these wolves have no shame. We know their names from Hillary, Sanders, Bush and Trump. And they want more of the same. The same failed policies of the last 50 years. More failed drug wars. More prohibition as the only solution. More police brutality to keep the poor in line. More shipping jobs over seas. More debt. More tax breaks for the super rich.

It's an election buy me a politician, Democrats and Republicans are all whores. Wolves with no shame, smiling into the TV cameras and kissing your babies.

And when Bush / Obama are done fixing things it will cost us $100 trillion. They've already turned America into a third world country. Stop comparing us to Mexico and compare America to any other industrialized country: Canada, Japan, Germany and we rank at the bottom.

America has the worst schools, worst health care, worst roads, worst standard of living, worst mortality rates, worst everything. And all the while they continue to rob the Treasury. We have to pay for the worst of everything!! 

Get ready!! for more of the same.

More of the same ol' same ol', oh geez, I can't wait. Bend over America, grab your ankles, and forget the Vaseline, it's going to get rough, Hillary and Trump about to get freaky with it.

It's an election, buy me a politician. Democrats and Republicans are all whores, for sale to highest bidder.

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