How many girls need to be raped...

By Christopher Rice

How many girls need to be raped by someone that they met on Facebook before they hold Mark Zuckerburg responsible? This is a very serious question.

Here at Underground News we defended when underage girls were prostituted on their website. And we also argued that it was not Backpage's fault when an escort was murdered by a date that met her through Backpage. And I still firmly believe that it is prohibition that kills and not Backpage.

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The same way that I blame mental illness and our health care system for mass shootings and not guns. I also don't blame Ozzy Osbourne for teen suicides. But lately I've published one article after another where a girl, after meeting some guy on Facebook was brutally raped and then sometimes also sold on Backpage, against her will. And so now I'm wondering will the FBI be arresting Jared Fogle? Oops that's the Subway representative guilty of raping little children.  
Jared Fogle
(AP) Former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle leaves the Federal Courthouse in Indianapolis, Wednesday, August 19, 2015, following a hearing on child-pornography charges.

Damn G, whatkinda fucked up society is this? Even children aren't safe, not from priest, teachers or even fuckin' Facebook. Ogawd, I'm ralphing all over my laptop, I just bought. Gawd, this place makes me ill. Amerikkka you make me sick, and I'm a fuckin' pimp, what the fuck Cuzz! Gawd damn.

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Now go and line up like seals to vote for these crooks and whore mongers that have destroyed the most beautiful country on the whole planet and turned it into a fuckin' cess pool. Gawd, I'm 'bout to get sick again.

My whole life I've heard that pimps are the most vilest things on the planet. Than I became one and now I think that you are most vilest thing on the planet. You, amerikka, you make me sick.

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