How many Politicians have been Caught with Hookers, so far?


Politicians and sex workers are said to have a lot of common. They both have underhanded and seedy dealings on a daily basis. So then it’s no surprise that so many major politicians are caught with their pants down, so to speak, in the company of prostitutes. Politicians are often at coke-fueled parties with their arms around a hooker or two. Surprisingly few politicians have ever been caught. Even fewer have been arrested. The number of politicians who have actually served time for soliciting sex is extremely low...even when caught with underage boys!!

Fred Richmond
In 1978, the New York Representative Fred Richmond was arrested for soliciting sex for a male prostitute - and an underage one at that. While he didn't serve any jail time, he was ordered to psychiatric counseling. The scandal didn't stop his district from re-electing him twice until a drug scandal in 1982 caused him to resign. 
Philip Giordano
The Republican mayor of Waterbury Connecticut proved himself to be quite the disgusting individual when he was arrested for sexually abusing children. He hired a prostitute to bring over her young daughter and niece. He is currently serving time in federal prison.
Eliot Spitzer
The governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, made headline news when he was implicated in 2008 as a client for a prostitution ring. His meetings with $1k an hour call girls made him a national joke, which lead to his resignation. Despite rumors that he used campaign money to fund his raunchy nights out, prosecutors declined to press charges.
Mike Allen
Alberta politician, Mike Allen, made United States news when he was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute while on a business trip in St. Paul. Allen allegedly called an online ad for the chance to spend $200 on two women. Instead he met up with an undercover police officer and was arrested. Allen decided not to resign his political post.
Jerry Springer
Before he was an infamous talk show host known mostly for his scandalous guests, Jerry Springer was a city councilman from Cincinnati. During that time, he had scandal of his own including a prostitute in a health club in 1974. When this information was revealed, he resigned from office immediately. That didn't stop him from running unsuccessfully for governor in 1982.
Allan Howe
In 1976, Utah representative Allan Howe was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute. Unfortunately for him, the two women he approached to pay for sex were actually undercover police officer. Howe decided not to resign from office. However, he was no re-elected for another term.
Joe Waggonner
The Louisiana Democratic representative, Joe Waggonner, in 1976 was arrested in a prostitution sting while in Washington D.C. The arrest didn't stop his constituents from re-electing him that same year. However, just two years later he retired from politics. 
David I. Walsh
In one of the oldest prostitution scandals in the United States, David I. Walsh was implicated in the 1942 sex scandal after a male brothel was uncovered as a possible front for Nazi spies. While there were many witnesses to his involvement in the brothel, it was never quite clear whether it was a political conspiracy to sully Walsh's reputation and political career. J. Edgar Hoover even released a report claiming there was no proof of the rumor.
Robert Bauman
Maryland Republican representative, Robert Bauman was arrested in 1980 for solicitation of an underage male prostitute. Although he blamed the scandal on his sex and alcohol addictions, Bauman did not get re-elected.
Barney Frank
The 1990 prostitution scandal involving Massachusetts representative Barney Frank was one of the strangest. Frank hired a male prostitute, whose services he had used in the past, as his assistant. Frank was even accused of having a sex business run out of his home. The scandal didn't keep Frank from winning re-election, especially after apologizing to constituents and revealing that he was a closeted gay man.
Dick Morris
Dick Morris was a political strategist instrumental in the success of the Clinton administration. However, when a tabloid revealed that he had been using the services of a prostitute for over a year, he resigned from office. The scandal became even bigger when the prostitute claimed that Morris let her listen in on a call from the president. 
David Vitter
In 2007, the Louisiana Senator was rocked with controversy when his named was brought up in connection to an escort service in Washington. The scandal wasn't the first time Vitter's name had been linked to a prostitute, as he was also accused of seeing a prostitute in New Orleans years before.
Tom Athans
In 2008, Democratic bigwig, Tom Athans was caught in the midst of a prostitution sting in Michigan. He admitted to paying for a sex act but was ultimately not charged. His marriage to Senator Debbie Stabenow ended soon after to controversy.
Bob Allen
Floridian representative put his name on the map in 2007 when he solicited an undercover male police officer in a public restroom. Allen's anti-gay legislative history made the scandal even more noteworthy. He was sentenced to six months probation and a $250 fine. He also resigned from office later that year.     
Ken Calvert
Californian representative Ken Calvert was caught in 1993 with a prostitute in his car. When he sighted a police car, he attempted to drive away. When the police finally got him to stop his car, he claimed the two were just talking, despite the fact that he was indecently exposed.
Wayne Hays
The 1970s chairman of the House of Administrative Committee, Wayne Levere Hays, had a reputation for being such a hard-ass that he was even known for turning off the air conditioning of his enemies offices. However, he lost the firm grip over the committee when a sex scandal caused him to resign from office in 1976. He allegedly hired a secretary for the purpose of being his mistress.
Wilbur Mills
In 1974 Representative from Arkansas, Wilbur Mills, was involved in a car accident, which revealed the prostitute in his passenger seat. The scandal didn't stop Mills from being re-elected in a landslide vote. After holding a press conference in a stripper's dressing room, Mills stepped down from office and joined Alcoholics Anonymous. 
Silvio J. Failla
In 1972, Hudson County Assemblyman Silvio J. Failla was killed by a pimp and prostitute outside of a bar, after meeting with the hooker in a bar. He was shot, before the two murderers stole his watch and wallet. The two killers were eventually prosecuted and convicted.
This list doesn't mention J. Edgar Hoover's fascination with video tape of President Kennedy with hookers or Larry Craig's citation for solicitation. Or even Mitch McConnell's rape charges or the FBI sting on D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, smokin' crack with a hooker in a hotel room. So how many politicians have been caught?
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