ima letya in on da shit, you can take this any way you want, cuz here's where we at my niggas.... you got the wolves at your gates. They're not even ashamed, we know their names, Hillary, Trump, Bush, what's that other assclowns name who cares, you're 17 trillion dollars in debt and these wolves have no shame, they are coming for more and their going to take it, they will take every nickel and dime they can and when their done there will be nothing left.

unfortunately for you there's nothing standing between those wolves and your family.

according to my Google stats the last article that I published was read by 109 people, I can spit across this room that im sittin in and hit more than 109 people but according to google Im on the world wide web but only have the attention of about 100 real niggas. so lets say that's the case

I could work with 100 real niggas, if youre some hard core niggas, but you pry not.

so, here's the thing, you can say fuck this, I ain't readin this shit no mo and just go bout your day but those wolves aren't going away, they ain't goin nowhere, they still outside your door, and it don't matter to these wolves they will go after poor rich old women they don't care, if ya'll ain't realized that much yet then fuck all ya'll, peace out

but I think most ya'll realize what's comin if those wolves get in, so here's what I'm sayin there's only one thing that can stand up to those wolves and stop em

Here's how we're going to take this bitch back: Message to the Souljahs , my strategy is no secret. I ain't doin' this shit to be rich or famous, for ya'll that kno me, ya'll kno what this shit's 'bout. For those that don't, you can either truss me or truss those wolves. From where I'm sittin' there's only one thing to keep those wolves away from your family. Either your wit me or you're not.

Last I checked those wolves bank accounts were over flowing with your money, you're actually givin them your money to rape your family, hey I'm not pullin' any punches here cuz ya'll outta time, it is what it is, either you accept that reality and we can move forward or ya'll can just forgetaboutit.

First thing we're going todo is blo this blog up, you say how are we going to do dat? I'm going to make it easy, you can tell any one looking for this article that it has no title. Then how can any one do a google search if it has no name? You can tell em to search for the article with no title.

What will that do, try it and see

Ya'll tell every mother fucker ya'll kno to do a google search for the article that has no title. Run, quick, ya'll outta time. Get busy, those wolves ain't goin nowhere. My strategy is simple and straight forward, n if ya'll down, go read it and figure out how to apply those steps to your family, it's our only way outta this shit, my niggas. We can get busy or we can kiss our asses goodbye, fight to be free or pucker up

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