It turns out iPhone users and Android users have vastly different tastes in porn

By Nathan McAlone Business Insider

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PornHub aspires to be not just another porn site, but a font of data insights about the porn-viewing habits of our society. The website’s “Insights” section has shone light on many of our kinks by breaking the data down by region, gender, or other markers.

And now PornHub has crunched the data on iOS versus Android users, and unearthed the various ways their porn preferences differ. Mobile now represents a full 60% of Pornhub traffic, and the results of their study are more divided than you might expect between the two operating systems.

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Here are the main differences between Apple and Google fans’ porn taste.


iOS users, by and large, tend toward the more "vanilla" fetishes, if you will. The two top categories they enjoy much more than Android users are mom-aged ladies (+134%), which in porn-speak is basically anyone over 25, and point-of-view footage (+131%). They enjoy bondage 105% more than Android users and appreciate an “amateur” performance (+92%). They also go for the age-old "babysitter" (+74%), "lesbian" (+49%), and "threesome" (+38%) fantasies. 


If you were totally bored by iOS, Android is definitely the operating system for you. Android users like “big beautiful women” 135% more and transgender women 118% more — the two categories most differentiated from iOS. Android users seem more racially inclusive, and watch both African-American (+114%) and interracial (+44%) videos more frequently. And they are definitely more into cartoons (+91%) and Japanese cartoon erotica (+97%).

An aside:

The more "simple" nature of iOS porn viewing is backed up by their keyword searches. iOS users utilize about 1-2 keywords while Android users employ 3-4. Perhaps Android fetishes are just a bit more complicated.

If you are interested in learning the top searches for each operating system, or which stars they search for more (iOS users love Kim Kardashian), head over to the full PornHub findings.

NSFW, obviously.

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