Johns on Prostitution

    Attorney General Wannabe
    I think prostitution is here to stay and there is nothing we can do to stop it. All men love it, even if they never admit they do. For example, when I was in the Navy we traveled to Rota Spain and once we left the ship from being at sea for three months straight all we could think about was getting laid. We asked the taxi driver to take us where the women are and he took us to a brothel. Long story short, we all had the best time of our lives. Even my Commanding Officer was there! I actually cried when we left Spain because I knew that we couldn’t get that it so easily in America. We only have one life to live and people should be allowed to have sex with prostitutes. We really need to look at making it legal because my wife has been holding out on me for two weeks and I wished I could just stop by a place like the one in Spain and let off some steam. Hell if it was legal as with many other things that are illegal we probably wouldn’t have as large a deficit as we do now in this country. Well that is if the government stopped spending the way they do.
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    LongDeek       I must say this booty advertising is something the country needs more of but at a cheaper price. Men need their booty and the government should keep their cotton pickin hands off of their booty.

    Carmel Misses has a fine booty and I see nothin wrong with sharin.
    I wonder if she makes house calls?

        In response to those that say “oh these poor girls are taken advantage of by dominating pimps and/or are underage” you are just making more of an argument for it to be legal and regulated instead of being forced into the underground and black market. You do not understand the powers of markets and how even though they can be regulated intelligently, no amount of prohibition will rid the demand. Either get rid of and move beyond our money systems or legalize and regulate. The first one though is a tough economic question that is beyond me, but the second option I am sure would maximize societal benefits. As evidence I implore you to study the huge decline in addiction (by 50%) in Portugal after all drugs where legalized. There’s an excellent article in Forbes about it among others (just Google it and dozens of articles will come up.)

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    This kind of thing is never, I repeat, NEVER going to go away.
    If you have a balloon and squeeze it at one end, all of that extra pressure is going to go to the other end. If you shut down CL or any of the other sites, there will be three waiting to take their place: guaranteed.
    Make it illegal? Big deal, it will go underground. Many recreational drugs are illegal and we all know how well the “war on drugs” is going. (More like the “Huge-drain-on-taxpayer-resources-that-isn’t-doing-anything-to-make-a-dent-in-the-problem”.)
    But, I digress. Bottom line: You can write a “law” on a sheet of paper and have a bunch of old people in a hall of justice declare it to be the “Law of the Land”, and it’s not going to stop anything. It’s just going to fill our already-overstuffed prison system with EVEN MORE nonviolent offenders. What a waste.

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